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Geckoboard introduces new service for digital signage

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Geckoboard and IAdea to Enable Business Analytics on the Large Screen

Finally, a fresh and innovative service enters the world of digital signage: real-time business status dashboard service Geckoboard now running on IAdea’s HTML5-enabled Digital Signage Web Appliances.

Geckoboard, an innovator in the quickly emerging real-time status board services, and IAdea, a pioneer and leader in digital signage media appliances, joined forces and announced the availability of the Geckboard service on IAdea’s digital signage web appliances.

Geckoboard is a real-time dashboard that allows businesses to see all of their KPIs in one place. Geckoboard makes it easy for businesses of any size to integrate with critical data sources and display the key metrics in an easy to interpret way on large screens or mobile devices.

IAdea has been a leading maker of compact, low-power, fanless media players for the digital signage industry. With its latest HTML5-enabled Web Appliances (offering 3 player boxes with wired, wireless networking, and live TV-input functions, and 2 digital signboards of 18.5” and 24” in size), IAdea’s products can play rich and live information pulled from the web using the HTML5 open standard.

Geckoboard is a great demonstration of the benefit the open platform brings to the digital signage industry. Corporate communications applications of digital signage can now integrate services like Geckoboard to provide vital business statistics on the big screen.

“With more businesses seeing the benefits of widely communicating real-time metrics, anything that makes that process easier is a welcome development,” stated Paul Joyce, CEO of Geckoboard. “We’re delighted to be partnering with IAdea, their Web Appliances platform and Geckoboard are a perfect fit for businesses serious about creating a reliable real-time status board.”

“An open platform like the IAdea Web Appliances and Web Signboards enable innovation by tapping into the much larger HTML5 content community,” said IAdea’s Executive Vice President Rex Chen. “We are thrilled to offer exciting services such as Geckoboard to IAdea’s customers in the digital signage market.”

For a limited time, Geckboard is offering IAdea customers 90 days of free trial period (valued up to $597) on its SaaS-based corporate business intelligence service. IAdea customers please claim the discount code at The offer expires on March 31, 2012.

About Geckoboard

Headquarters in London, UK, Geckoboard is the market leading real-time business dashboard service. The Geckoboard Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application powers thousands of dashboard around the globe. Geckoboard makes communicating KPIs simple for any organisation with out-of-the-box integrations to major software packages and a custom API to for customers to easily integrate their own sources of data. Geckoboard was founded in 2010.  Find out more at

About IAdea

Founded in 2000, IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge commercial-grade digital signage players and integrated displays. IAdea’s products support the W3C SMIL open platform and the HTML5 content standard, allowing system integrators to quickly customize and tailor to individual project requirements. IAdea’s device technologies power many large-scale digital signage projects, offering proven robustness and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). With offices worldwide, IAdea offers uninterrupted product service throughout the globe. For more information, visit

Source: IAdea

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