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EyePlay Dubbed a Magic Carpet in Italian Town

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EyeClick italian magic carpetEyeClick, in partner with Move&Play Italy, recently installed EyePlay virtual playground in the town of Castellanza, just outside of Milan. EyePlay was selected to be a part of a local government building which dedicated 7500 sq ft. to a big indoor playground area for children 3 to 12 years old. The system has been nicknamed the “tappeto magico” or “magic carpet” as the children experience the projected floor display as a truly magical interactive experience.
EyePlay turns any indoor area into a full-blown virtual playground. Multiple players can run, twist and dance using their hands and feet to activate colorful graphics projected on the floor. The EyePlay in Castellanza offers a variety of games for kids of all ages and capabilities with themes including fitness, English lessons, therapy and rehabilitation, and many just for fun play.
“Kids are naturally attracted to the ‘magic carpet’ by EyeClick!” says Stefano Colombo, Managing Directory of the Magic Carpet Playground. “They always want to play on it! Parents love watching their kids doing physical activities while having fun!!”
The Birthday Party application is also part of the Magic Carpet Playground system. With this feature, the birthday boy or girl can have their picture taken and inserted into the corners of the games along with playful boarders such as confetti or party hats. A special birthday message may also be added to the games using a variety of fonts and colors. Since the grand opening in October 2011, EyePlay has been booked for birthday parties through the end of the year.
Corrado Buonanno, President of Move&Play Italy shared, “It’s a wonderful experience to create a huge kids playground! We are looking forward to opening more in 2012.”
About EyeClick LtdEyeClick logo
EyeClick specializes in creating inventive products that transform designated spaces into magical experiences. The company’s EyePlay™, EyeStep™, and EyeWall™ products open up a world of possibilities to engage audiences in out-of-home locations. EyeClick has helped leading brands, from Burger King and NASA to Namco and GattiTown, transform their floors, walls and window areas into spectacular interactive displays that leave a long-lasting impression on visitors. EyeClick gives designers, hospitals, event planners, retailers, media companies, family entertainment centers, restaurants, and other organizations the ability to showcase rich interactive digital content in public spaces.

About Move&Play
Move&Play creates an active gaming lifestyle with a cutting edge environment complete with the most advanced exergaming, making people become a “human joystick.” Move&Play resembles a virtual reality arcade with an X game twist that engages players by merging video games and fitness. As an environment, Move&Play creates a positive atmosphere for all ages and abilities. The impact of Move&Play goes beyond its walls. Members will get to engage in unique physical challenges while getting the added benefit of moving and being physically active. Move&Play encourages people to exercise and become more physically active in a motivating futuristic atmosphere with the latest entertainment products and systems.

Source: EyeClick

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