June 7, 2023


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Why Digital Signages Should Be More Social

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Social media is increasing in use nowadays, and as businesses realize the value it brings to them they tend to utilize social media platforms in order to generate awareness and entice potential customers. Customer behavior tend to evolve and social media channels give business owners an idea or two how to improve their business strategies. The great thing about social media is that it gives the customer a platform that could be used as an effective CRM tool. A message is better amplified when social media is integrated with physical tools such as digital signages and kiosks.

We all know that digital signages have been around for quite some time now and most of us think it’s just another hi-tech approach to advertise a product or a service. But the growing use of social media presents an idea that it can raise the value of digital signages. Digital signages are mediums of communication that can be easily found in venues that have communities in place like churches, schools, and fitness centers. Digital signage providers enable brands and businesses to advertise on digital displays located in these venues. The great thing about this is that a particular message or promotion can be queued in order to capture a target crowd. Local businesses such as restaurants and cafes can benefit from social media and digital signage integration

So where does social media come in and enhance digital signages? Businesses should see the value of having a personalized digital signage kiosk in venues where communities are already present. But first, you should have all your social media accounts like Facebook pages and Twitter feeds in place already. Go rent your own digital kiosk and ask the digital signage provider to put your Twitter feed on the screen! Great idea, isn’t it?

Imagine the leads you can generate by just placing a digital kiosk, not only it’s a great advertising tool but it’s a nice way to entice people to join in the conversation. Aside from that, putting a digital signage in a gym can benefit another local business like a restaurant. Restaurant owners don’t only put a premium on digital menu boards, they tend to advertise through digital signages found in fitness centers and gyms to entice people to come grab a bite after sweating it out.

With this in mind, the social media and digital signage integration also signals the collaboration among businesses as well. The integration will work better if you know where to put your digital kiosk. Find a venue with the relevant target niche in order to create awareness about your business.

Source: MediaSignPro