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iDklic grows their PharmaTV Channel powered by the Navori software platform

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iDklic logoIDklic, a Belgian company specializing in multimedia content broadcasting, has announced a new deployment with V.Pharma drug store group, one of the top ten drug store chains in Belgium.

V.Pharma TV digital signage project runs on the Navori digital signage software platform. The V.Pharma TV network provides health information and interactive advertising to their customers at the point of purchase. This new deployment is different from other networks previously deployed by iDklic. Each drug store is equipped with multiple displays and runs two different playlists per location. Messages in the shop window screen are shorter with a maximum of 7 seconds and focus on corporate branding, core items, special pricing and promotions.

The use of French and German in the region initially presented a challenge for iDklic but the agency saw this as an opportunity to further improve its skills in successfully managing multilingual networks and get a foothold in the German market.

Jérôme Moeri, Navori CEO, commented:
“Agencies like iDklic can benefit from Navori’s ease of use, native support for all current multimedia formats and reliable playback. These features provided iDklic with a solid foundation for the V.Pharma TV project.”

To find out more about the Navori digital signage software platform, please visit the Navori web site at or contact the Navori head office:

World Trade Center
Avenue Gratta Paille 2
CH-1000 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 641 19 60
Fax: +41 21 641 19 61

Source: Navori

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