September 28, 2022

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Optus reaches further than ever before with EYE

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EYE Out of Home_logoEYE worked in conjunction with MPG and Optus to promote the Optus brand campaign, Whale Song across Eye Drive’s Glebe Island Silos and Sydney Airport’s T2 new “Towers” format. This was followed by the tactical call-to-action “Monster Cap” campaign in Eye Shop and Eye Drive’s “Super Reach” package.

Optus is also the first client to feature on the T2 Towers at the Sydney T2 Domestic Terminal and Eye Shop’s retail offering. “The Towers’ sheer size and location creates an unmissable viewing opportunity for arriving and departing passengers. Simultaneously the campaign comes at a time when EYE’s New Economy Shopper study indicates consumers are spending more or the same as last year on goods and services.”

Andrew Balint, Optus Brand Manager said, “Everyone here at Optus has been pleased with our new brand campaign, Whale Song. Out-of-Home media proved to be a highly effective channel, raising awareness with an impact and cost effectively extending the duration of the campaign. EYE lived true to the Optus brand campaign promise of Anything is Possible.”

CEO EYE ANZ Mike Tyquin commented: “Glebe Island Silos remain the hero of Australian roadside media and provide an unrivalled exposure and status. At the same time, Eye Drive’s Super Reach package involves rotating the campaign across a different set of sites at the two-week point of a four-week campaign. Both offerings have provided Optus impact and the ability to reach double the roadside audience in one campaign burst. It’s a fantastic example of how branding and call-to-action campaign objectives can be managed by Eye Drive’s flexible roadside offering.”

EYE is the only Out-of-Home media operator that can provide a cross-media campaign across non-duplicating environments reaching more people in their common activities in receptive mindsets.

Source: EYE

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