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Comqi Announces Partnership With Path Intelligence

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ComQi logoComQi, the global leader in multichannel message management in the digital signage market, today announced its partnership with Path Intelligence Inc. Path Intelligence owns proprietary technology that detects and predicts how shoppers and visitors will behave within enclosed environments such as malls, retail stores, transportation hubs and stadiums.

Superior to camera-based tracking, Path Intelligence captures data on shoppers by passively and anonymously observing the movement of their mobile phones. The firm provides customized information on how many shoppers there are by department, how long they dwell, how frequently they come back, which stores they visit during their mall trip, and how the full path-to-purchase (and beyond) is mapped. Path Intelligence is currently working with US retailers J.C. Penney and Home Depot as well as a number of UK retailers and mall management companies.

ComQi and Path Intelligence will work to provide retailers with detailed analytics on general shopper behavior in the store as well as specific analytics linked to digital signage. The Path Intelligence system can be used to optimize digital signage installations and measure engagement at the screen level.

“Path Intelligence’s footpath data provides retailers with expanded metrics and quantitative performance by department, enabling management to optimize operations, labor allocations, and store layouts. We are excited to be working with ComQi to bring these, as well as other new features, to the US retail marketplace”, said Sharon Biggar, Path Intelligence CEO.

“We wanted to work with Path Intelligence to bring the power of online analytics to the physical shopping experience”, said ComQi’s North American Managing Director, Stuart Armstrong. “The powerful data and analytics provided by Path Intelligence make ROI measurement and deeper consumer data-capture a reality for retailers”.

Advising the Path Intelligence/ComQi partnership are The Jeffrey Group (Jeff McElnea formerly of Einson-Freeman / WPP Group) and Edgewood Industries (George Wishart, formerly of The Nielsen Company).

About ComQi
ComQi is the global leader in multichannel message management in the digital signage and out-of-home industries, providing powerful content & network management platforms along with innovative media distribution technologies. Born from the merger of Minicom Digital Signage and EnQii, ComQi has offices in New York, Jerusalem, Zurich, Toronto, Hong Kong and London, with 400,000 screen displays in various market verticals around the world. ComQi’s mission is to provide fully managed solutions to customers – through network operators, integrators and distributors – in order to optimize their communications strategy by delivering the right content to the right place at the right time, at the best ROI. Investors in the Company include JVP, Amadeus Capital Partners, Wellington Partners and Aviv Ventures. ComQi has been voted as the number one global digital signage provider for the third year in a row by and a Tier One player by Frost & Sullivan for the second year in a row.

About Path IntelligencePath Intelligence logo
Path Intelligence’s mission is to bring online functionality to offline businesses. Path Intelligence achieves this mission by being the global leader in using cellphone technology to analyze human behavior. The firm uses proprietary, sophisticated, cellphone technology to anonymously analyze and understand the movement of people within retail, transport and entertainment areas. Path Intelligence currently detects over 1 million visitors per day. The information is used by retailers to optimize store layouts, staffing resources and provide feedback on merchandise selection; by shopping centers to optimize the retail tenancy mix of each mall and by entertainment arenas to optimize the flow of fans into and out of large-scale events.

Contact for more information:
Stuart Armstrong
Managing Director North America
Stuart.armstrong [at]

Sharon Biggar
Path Intelligence
sharon [at]

Source: Comqi

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