Sunday, September 24, 2023

Zero Creative 3D in the Fast50

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3D media company Zero Creative is listed as one of the fifty fastest growing technology companies of the Netherlands. The Nijmegen-based company, that created the first complete interactive marketing 3D solution (glasses-free and touch-free), now has obtained its place in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 listing.

“I think this success is new evidence, that Zero Creative has a prosperous future,” says co-founder Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, “the 3D marketing solutions that we develop are unique and ready to market. Even with the reserved sales strategy of the recent years, we already succeeded in growing nearly 400%, so this is only the beginning”.

The independant company is active sinds 2005 and basically offers her clients more attention with less costs. In most cases this is about enlarging the effect of marketing campaigns. Lately also many cultural heritage projects have been executed. The company has clients in more than 40 countries.

Jean-Pierre: “Our vision always remained the same; the future of digital marketing is both 3D and interactive. In the past six years, we have collected the knowledge and network to turn our vision into reality. Now we deliver a full, future proof, 3d digital marketing solution, including glasses-free xyZ 3D Displays, an extended 3D Digital Signage platform, 3D interaction (touch and touch-less) and 3D animation, resulting in ultimate stopping power”.

About Deloitte Technology Fast50

The Deloitte Technology Fast50 is a yearly election of the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The selection is based on the relative growth over the past five years (2006-2010). Participants are from public and private sector and include all technology sectors.

The final position of Zero Creative in the Fast50 will be announced Octobre 13th. Zero Creative is also nominated for the Fast500, a world-wide listing of fast growing companies.

Source: Zero Creative

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