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NextWindow Produces Two-Millionth Touch Screen for the PC Industry

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Milestone reflects company success and consumer interest in touch-enabled desktop computers

NextWindow, a wholly owned subsidiary of SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), announces that it has manufactured its two-millionth touch screen for the PC industry. Combining its PC and large-format businesses, NextWindow has manufactured well over two million touch screens since 2003. NextWindow is consistently chosen by OEMs and ODMs for its unique optical technology, strong reputation and excellent client service. NextWindow components have proven to be effective solutions for desktop and large-format touch screens and monitors. This significant milestone reflects NextWindow’s strong position in the touch screen panel and components markets, and it reflects the continued demand for touch-enabled desktop computers with screen sizes of at least 20 inches (50.8 cm).

NextWindow has collaborated with 12 top PC makers globally to develop touch PCs for the commercial, corporate and consumer markets, among others. The company has supplied touch screens, including proprietary, patented optical technology, to top desktop computer makers for eight years. OEM and ODM customers include ASUS®, Dell®, HP®, Lenovo®, Medion®, NEC® and Samsung®. NextWindow large-format touch screens are frequently used in corporate and education environments, as well as for digital signage. For more information on NextWindow touch screens, visit

“As touch recognition has now become mainstream, users are enjoying a wider variety of hardware applications, ranging from in-home PCs to in-store kiosks,” says Al Monro, CEO, NextWindow. “We’ve been a major supplier to the desktop computer touch market for many years, and this milestone is a testament to the quality of our products and the excellent customer relationships we have built.”

About NextWindow touch screens
Patented optical technology from NextWindow and SMART is included in all NextWindow touch screens. Known for its accuracy, clarity, flexibility, reliability, scalability and durability, NextWindow optical technology offers many advantages over other touch technologies, including effortless zero-force touch and support for multiple touches as well as multiple users. Optical technology is ideal for use in large-format displays as well as desktop computers and monitors, as OEMs can easily and economically convert traditional displays into touch screens. NextWindow’s large-format touch screens offer thin borders and a low profile, enabling easy integration into a wide range of hardware applications.

NextWindow touch screens are available as fully assembled displays complete with glass, or as a kit of components that includes optical sensors, a passive border and a controller board ready to be assembled on a glass substrate. To lower transportation costs and reduce inventory risk, NextWindow touch screen kits do not include glass, however glass is available in standard sizes and can be cut to fit custom displays. For more information on NextWindow large-format touch screens, visit

About NextWindow
NextWindow, a wholly owned subsidiary of SMART Technologies Inc., is a supplier of optical touch panels and touch-screen components to electronics manufacturers. With accurate, cost-effective solutions designed for easy integration into all-in-one computers, computer displays and large-format screens, NextWindow develops the hardware necessary to bring touch-screen technology to life. Founded in 2000, NextWindow has offices in New Zealand, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, Korea and Japan, with manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. SMART Technologies is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that transform the way the world works and learns.


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