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Davali Chooses Blue Chip Hardware for Public Media Package

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bluechip logoDigital Signage newcomers choose Blue Chip Technology’s RE2 hardware for low cost, high performance public media solution.

Blue Chip Technology have announced that their acclaimed RE2 single board computer has been chosen by digital signage developer Davali to provide a software and hardware bundle that will lower the cost of public display technology for use in places such as airports, hotels, shopping malls and public event locations.

UK based Blue Chip Technology has recently announced the launch of the RE2, a high performance, ultra-low power single board computer. Available with a wide range of peripherals such as GPS, GPRS, networking, camera, audio, usb, wi-fi, Bluetooth and a powerful graphics capability, the RE2 has already secured contracts for use in telematics systems, access control and public media systems.

“Over the years we have done a lot of work with the ‘digital signage’ industry,” said Barry Husbands, Managing Director of Blue Chip Technology. “The new RE2 is ideal for this market, as it has a fantastic graphics capability and a lot of connectivity features.  The combination of the Davali software and the RE2 offers quite a formidable package; we are very excited to be a part of this offering.”

The Davali Digital Signage software is developed in the UK and comes pre-installed on the hardware, removing the cost of integration. The combined hardware and software package includes player hardware, player software, content management software, and an optional display in a single product, further reducing the cost of setting up a digital signage network.

Davali Software Digital Signage

Blue Chip Technology is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of industrial and embedded computers, designing and manufacturing computer boards for a broad range of industrial sectors such as automotive, public transportation, medical, defence and energy.

“This advanced technology package will bring down the cost of installation and the cost of ownership of public media systems,” said Barry Husbands. “The hardware uses powerful smart phone technology that uses little energy and comes at a much lower price than server technology. Also, the software is royalty free, so there is no recurring cost as with existing systems.”

The RE2 uses the highly respected ARM Cortex A8 and a Texas C64x DSP, enabling it to handle high quality graphics such as moving media or 3D, whilst also managing complex tasks and a broad range of peripherals. The RE2 is currently available with support for Embedded Windows and Linux;  support for other operating systems is available on request. The board is also available in an ‘extended temperature’ version, making it ideal for rugged industrial and scientific applications.

The Davali / Blue Chip system can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a network, making it ideal for both small and large businesses. It also provides flexible scheduling options allowing presentations to be scheduled by the minute, hour, day, week or month. The system has been designed to be simple and easy to use, so that no prior knowledge is required, with the default set up providing an out of the box solution. The creation of content for public display is made easy by the dragging and dropping of frames onto the design area.

About Blue Chip Technology Ltd

Blue Chip Technology Ltd is a European leader in the design and manufacture of industrial and embedded computer systems. Blue Chip’s Technology serves a wide range of industries, from mission critical systems to the global railway industry to diagnostic test equipment for the automotive sector.  It provides a range of standard products such as PC104 and rack mounted PC’s but also manufactures high volumes of customer specific hardware. In addition to its technical capabilities, Blue Chip Technology has gained a reputation for being a trustworthy and co-operative supplier, working closely with clients during development and reliably delivering components and products to schedule. www.bluechiptechnology.co.uk

About Davali Software

Davali Software is a young dynamic company with extensive knowledge and experience in embedded computing, set up to provide high quality software solutions to clients. Providing simple solutions, cost reductions and continuous improvement of software required by our clients is Davali’s continuing goal.

Davali Software also produces generic software, including an all in one digital signage solution. Davali software has integrated the hardware and software required by companies to simplify the distribution, installation and cost of setting up a digital signage network.


Contact Details :

Barry Husbands, Managing Director of Blue Chip Technology
e-mail : bhusbands [at] bluechiptechnology.co.uk
tel : +44 (0) 1829 772000

Media Contact :

Richard Blackburn, Energi Technical Ltd
e-mail : Richard [at] energi-tech.co.uk
tel: +44 (0)1603 436078

Source: Blue Chip Technology

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