Wednesday, November 29, 2023

FaceLook: Coca-Cola’s Facial Recognition App

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Coca-Cola Israel have done it again with another great experiential event integrated with Facebook. Last year we saw Facebook Integration At The Coca Cola Village which let teenagers share their real life experience on Facebook in real time. This year Publicis- E-dologic have brought us an innovative facial recognition app, letting users share their Coca-Cola Summer Love experiences!

Across Israel, Coca-Cola have hosted a range of summer activities bringing teenagers together. To ensure that these events and activities could be shared across the user’s social network they introduced FaceLook, an app based on, using facial recognition technology to create Facebook posts. Users can post comments and pictures to their Facebook wall using only their faces as identification.

The teengaers had to register to the events through Facebook where they could opt in to the app. Once at the venues they were able to activate Facebook posts just by looking at the FaceLook machine. The application identifies the user and posts an automatic comment which relates to the activity closest to where they are located.

Tens of thousands of people used the FaceLook machines to share their Coca-Cola Summer Love experience with their Facebook friends. It’s great to see a campaign that integrates real life activities with social media in an innovative and fun way! Love the technology. What do you think?

Source: DigitalBuzz

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