Wednesday, October 4, 2023

San Jose Sign Company Creates New Window Graphics, Designed to Attract Customers

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BLR Sign Systems creates new themed window graphics at the Marriott that help attract customers from the busy downtown area. See how this creative approach made window signage easy to change.

A storefront window is not just a window… it can be used to deliver a message about your establishment and to drive in customers. Just ask the Marriott Hotel in San Jose, California. Situated at a busy corner in downtown, the Marriott’s hip lounge, called “TANQ”, has floor to ceiling glass windows facing both street fronts. Marriott’s management wanted to leverage this visibility to attract customers off the street and in to the bar.

The Marriott called on BLR Sign Systems, a full service visual communications company, to develop, produce and install a seasonal advertising campaign using these high-visibility windows. The challenge was to keep the existing core graphics in place, while changing out only a portion of them, in order to make the campaign less costly and more affordable.

Sometimes the most powerful impact is delivered by using the simplest approach. BLR’s creative team developed a campaign that took the existing window graphic images (a fish jumping into a blue martini) and incorporated new seasonal imagery—which only required changing out two of the eight window panels. By using this approach, it reduced the total project cost by 75%.

The seasonal campaign incorporated holidays and events including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, World Cup Soccer, Fourth of July, the Fall, Christmas and New Years. New artwork for the windows were created for just the affected window panels, the old vinyl graphics were removed, and the new vinyl graphics were then installed. By making just these changes, it put out a new message, and created a new, high-impact window display that piques interest and attracts customers into the bar. Examples of the various window displays are shown here.

The material used was a removable perforated vinyl which adheres to the window exterior. This material is highly visible from the street, yet 100% see-through from inside the lounge.

BLR Sign Systems, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a leading national provider of visual communications solutions. From static signage and graphics to dynamic digital signage, BLR helps business put their message where they need it. They offer a diverse set of capabilities and can help with any signage project.

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Source: BLR Sign Systems

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