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Digital View’s Flagship HD Digital Media Player Gets Upgrade

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ViewStream 500 SeriesDigital View, the professional signage and digital presentation company, has provided a new look with the latest upgrade of its flagship digital media players for professional digital signage, the ViewStream™ 500 Series.

Available immediately, these professional HD digital media players are used all over the world to drive professional signage networks and presentation screens, from museums and exhibitions to corporate networks and shopping mall signage networks.  This latest upgrade provides even better performance and stability.  ‘Many institutions rely on the 100% reliable performance of the ViewStream 500 Series of HD players.  It’s already one of the most dependable category of players in the market.  This update and design overhaul keeps this product family firmly in the top spot,’ comments James Henry, CEO of Digital View.

This latest development shows the ViewStream™ 500 Series HD media players for professional digital signage is firmly positioned to continue providing exceptional reliability and quality for the foreseeable future.  It will be of particular note to any business or institution requiring exceptional quality media playback on their signage displays, whether museums, shopping malls, restaurants, travel networks or corporate/hospitality environments.

About Digital View Group
Established in 1995, Digital View Group ( is a proven supplier of specialist solutions for the digital signage and retail media markets. The company has supplied solid-state media players to many digital signage operators (such as CBS Outdoor, BA Media & The Life Channel) as well as many high profile consumer brands (including Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, L’Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro and Bosch).

The company has sales offices worldwide in Morgan Hill, CA, Connecticut, London, and Hong Kong.

For more information, contact:
USA:     Bob Michaels: +1 408 782 7773 – bob.michaels [at]
UK:    Ian Larkman: +44 (0) 207 631 2150 – ian.larkman [at]
HK:    Michelle Fung: +852 2861 3615 – michelle.fung [at]

Source: Digital View


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