Friday, June 21, 2024

Skoda Auto’s Engaging Campaign at Prague City Museum

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Prague — Skoda Auto has launched a groundbreaking promotional campaign that seamlessly blends digital and classic marketing tools to create a unique and memorable experience. This innovative campaign, orchestrated by the well-respected advertising agency Laegas Delaney, leverages Skoda Auto’s participation in financing the renovation of the Prague City Museum.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Multimedia Elements: The campaign features a smart combination of large-format facade prints covering the construction site, an imotion 46” portrait outdoor LCD multimedia system with an integrated touch screen and camera, a 2m x 2m LED display, and a dedicated promotional campaign website,
  • Interactive Engagement: Museum passersby can take photos at the site, and web page visitors can upload their photos to appear on the LED screen placed on the facade. This interactive element encourages public participation, inviting everyone to contribute to the renovation by “lighting up the facade with a smile.”
  • Social Responsibility and Promotion: This campaign not only showcases Skoda Auto’s social responsibility drive but also promotes the Skoda Yeti car line, combining community engagement with product promotion.

Key Features of the Campaign:

  • Imotion 46” Portrait Outdoor LCD: Central to the campaign is the imotion 46” portrait single-sided unit, branded with Skoda graphical elements and equipped with a touch screen and IP camera. This high-performance, high-reliability unit provides an engaging interface for museum visitors, offering information about Skoda and the museum itself.
  • Future Utility: After the campaign, the imotion 46” unit can be easily transformed into a museum info point, continuing to attract and inform passersby.

Impact on Advertising: The success of this campaign exemplifies the growing trend of integrating high-engagement promotional campaigns with advanced digital signage technology. This approach allows advertisers to target interested audiences effectively, transforming advertising into a pleasant and interactive experience.

About Infinitus: Infinitus is a European-based specialist supplier of high-reliability all-in-one large-size outdoor public LCD systems. Known for exceptional heat management and inner system environment control, Infinitus provides innovative display solutions for various applications. For more information about imotion products, visit

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