June 7, 2023


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BrightSign CEO to Speak on Retail Digital Signage Success Factors at InfoComm 2011 Conference

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Hastings to Illustrate Key DS Elements that Increase Sales/ROI with Case Study Analyses

Jeff Hastings, BrightSign® CEO, will be delivering a digital signage technology update and application presentation as part of the InfoComm 2011 Conference, the world’s largest audiovisual trade show.  Held June 15 from 11:00 A.M. to 11:25 A.M. at the Digital Signage Presentation Stage, Booth #4989 in Hall C at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, the theme of the presentation will be “The Success Factors for Digital Signage in Retail.”  The presentation will also be available for viewing on the InfoComm website post show.

During the presentation, Hastings, who holds eight US patents, will draw on more than 20 years of experience in the digital media sector to provide attendees with comprehensive information on the technologies and trends that are vital for successful digital signage deployments.

In addition to presenting digital signage ROI data, Hastings will discuss signage elements that engage and influence customers such as content, screen layouts, interactivity and synchronization, as well as the latest in portability options and networking solutions.  To illustrate these elements, Hastings will use several digital signage case studies.

A case study on FNAC, an international entertainment retail chain with the largest retail digital signage network in France, will be used to illustrate how players can take the complexity out of networked digital signage.  FNAC uses 2,000 BrightSign networked sign controllers to drive more than 4,000 FNAC displays at 80 FNAC retail stores throughout France.

For digital signage synchronization, Hastings will point to Peeps & Company™, the candymaker known for the chick-shaped marshmallow Easter favorite. At its retail store in National Harbor, MD, it deployed synchronized video, music and ceiling-mounted LED designs to create a unique tone throughout the store.  For this application, a master BrightSign unit sends serial commands to change the patterned LED ceiling display to coordinate playback with the wall-mounted displays.

“Interactive digital signage entices and engages customers in unique ways,” said Hastings. “It also creates a positive, informed experience for the customer because it acts as a well-informed sales representative. Some of the ways interactivity can be implemented today include the use of buttons, touch screens and barcode readers. Other enticing implementations use motion sensors and even SMS texting to obtain coupon codes on an item,” he noted.

One of the examples of digital signage interactivity Hastings will review is ODLO, an advanced sportswear specialists who enables customers to explore product features and options via a combination of audio-visual presentations, touch screen interactivity and barcode scan abilities in kiosks

Attendees will also learn about how MBT, manufacturer of the revolutionary MBT footware, has a BrightSign-driven kiosk that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and touch screen interactivity to showcase the pro-body benefits of the footware.   With the display, when a customer picks up an RFID-tagged shoe, the controller initiates playback of a video describing the footware.  Customers can also use the BrightSign-driven interactive touch screen to select a shoe model and learn more, such as what celebrities are wearing them and news coverage.

Hastings will conclude the presentation by inviting attendees to visit the BrightSign InfoComm Booth #4883 where they will be welcomed by a 7-Screen Synchronized Video Arch that measures almost 20 feet across and 9 feet high.  The arch will lead them to a simulated specialty clothing store showing how retailers can promote the clothing surrounding the displays as well as store specials and branding

with BrightSign TD1012 portable display towers.  There will also be a floor kiosk in the retail store that features a touch screen jeans finder to enable users to match their style preferences with a particular fit of jeans.

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