Monday, July 22, 2024

JCDecaux Extends Advertising Concession with Madrid Metro for 10 Years

Innovative Advertising Takes Center Stage as JCDecaux Renews Madrid Metro Concession

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Spain – JCDecaux SE, the global leader in outdoor advertising, is pleased to announce the extension of its advertising concession with Madrid Metro for a duration of 10 years. The contract renewal follows a competitive tender process and heralds the most digitized metro advertising platform in Europe. With an average daily ridership of 5 million passengers, Madrid Metro is set to become the first 100% data-driven advertising space in Spain. The digital transformation of the Madrid Metro network began in August and is expected to be fully operational by the year’s end.

This decade-long contract encompasses 3,100 traditional displays and introduces over 460 new, state-of-the-art digital screens that are larger, crisper, and more energy-efficient, effectively prolonging their lifecycle while contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of metro stations. The overarching objective of this new agreement is to provide a premium media space and modernize the Spanish capital’s metro system, adding up to 2,000 square meters of digital screens. These innovative screens include large-format displays, columns with an anamorphic effect, twin curved screens, and exclusive “cinema formats” designed specifically for platforms. A total of 142 such cinema screens will be installed in 39 key metro stations. Additionally, an extensive network of digital screens, comprising nearly 300 high-definition units, will be strategically positioned, particularly within the M30 perimeter, to ensure maximum coverage and visibility.

Technological innovation and a data-driven approach will be pivotal in shaping a new era of digital and intelligent advertising within the metro stations. This includes advanced measurement tools that will enable real-time impression calculations and provide more precise performance metrics. Furthermore, this renewed contract will mark the introduction of programmatic buying opportunities in the metro environment for the first time, following its successful launch in street furniture and shopping centers.

By the year’s end, JCDecaux will operate a total of 2,750 digital displays in Spain.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-Chief Executive Officer of JCDecaux, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to secure this strategic contract to digitize Madrid Metro, continuing our longstanding partnership that originated in 2007. JCDecaux has embarked on a comprehensive media transformation plan, introducing large and iconic digital media opportunities to create memorable brand experiences while providing a major communications platform for brands. This initiative will contribute to enhancing the Madrid Metro environment, fostering higher engagement, and ultimately generating revenue to invest in delivering an even better commuter experience. This project represents one of our most ambitious endeavors in Europe to date, and we aspire to make it a benchmark for digitization and sustainability. Metro advertising, both Out of Home (OOH) and Digital Out of Home (DOOH), offers an ideal canvas for impactful and memorable campaigns that leave a lasting impression on commuters long after their journeys have concluded. As the world’s leading outdoor advertising company, our vision is to deliver innovative and sustainable media assets that enhance communication, benefit our partners, the public, advertisers, and their brands.”

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