Thursday, September 28, 2023

Saville helps Twickenham enter digital age

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Saville Audio Visual video wall at TwickenhamSaville Audio Visual has been commissioned by the Twickenham Experience to provide permanent digital signage at the venue.

The displays have been installed at either side of the reception desk, for visitor information and for use by the Twickenham Experience Marketing team.

Each of the displays comprises nine Saville 42in LCD screens configured in a 3×3 video wall format. The displays are supported on tubular steel columns that run from floor to ceiling, with individual mounting kits for all of the screens. A Dexon Server in the control room provides videowall processing for the screen systems, running the video signal via Cat5 structured cabling to each bank of screens.

The server provides picture-in-picture display, a choice of composite images or a different image on all nine screens. The server also compensates for the width of the screen bezels so that no text and information is lost.

The system includes audio replay via discreet ceiling speakers in the reception area, for sound accompanying the video images. The desk in the control room is fitted with an AMX push button panel which automates the switching on and off of all of the screens.

The information display is running QoVision digital signage software. Saville provided a range of templates for screen designs and arranged for the Twickenham Experience Marketing team to receive a full day’s training on the operation of the system.


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