February 4, 2023


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Caltron releases HD media player for digital signage applications

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The latest addition to Caltron’s line of digital signage players is the MP-1080A. Capable of playing High Definition (HD) pictures and videos to give the experience of reality, the MP-1080A is viable alternative for high definition digital signage and many other advertising applications. The MP-1080A can deliver flawless images to have that extra impact on digital signage. The MP-1080A can load dynamic signage and in-store media playback from data accessed directly via Compact Flash card or USB flash drive.

The MP-1080A is designed to have the same simple functionality of the MP-01, but is used for displaying high definition digital signage displays and larger screens. It stands out from bulky computer-based MPG playback units with its compact size and unique packaging for any in-store media and digital signage needs. In addition, the unit streamlines digital signage/video playback costs without the need for software licenses through the latest solid-state technology.


*Supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (DivX), JPEG, MP3
*Compatible with all Caltron’s existing media playback LCD monitors
*Allows direct browsing of digital signage/in-store media content via TV, PC monitor, or projector
*Supports disk, folder, chapter, and one-file AUDIO/VIDEO playback (e.g. single MPEG2 file)
*Direct memory card file deletion
*Supports FAT, FAT 32 (no NTFS)
*Supports 8GB Compact Flash

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Source: Caltron Industries

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