Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Springfield-Branson National Airport Opens With Infax Information Display System

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Infax_logoThe Springfield-Branson National Airport opened its doors to the traveling public.  The new terminal is designed to highlight the beauty of the Ozark rivers and lakes as well as to provide an easy path for travelers from the curbside to the planes.

Infax, Inc. was selected to provide several systems including the Multiple-User Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS), Multiple-User Baggage Information Display System (MUBIDS), Common Use Gate Displays, Visual Paging Announcement System (VPAS) and Video Advertising using the Infax “Engage” product.  The MUBIDS system integrates Power Over Ethernet (PoE) touchscreen Tugman devices which provide high reliability and easy customization of the inputs.

The system includes high definition liquid crystal display panels (LCDs) at the ticket counters, baggage claim, gate podiums, and at key decision points throughout the facility. The airport manages their advertising sales and chose Infax’s Engage advertising component to handle the display management.  Infax also provided the Cell Phone Parking Lot light emitting diode (LED) sign which is used to display real-time flight arrival information.

For more information on Infax’s airport display systems or other products, please contact:

Infax, Inc.
3400 Corporate Way
Suite D
Duluth, Georgia 30096
Telephone: (770) 209-9925
Facsimile: (770) 209-0671
Email: Sales [at] Infax.com
Web: www.Infax.com

Source: Infax

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