September 28, 2022

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AAVARA Wins VGP Award for HDMI Splitter

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Visual Grand PrixVGP (Visual Grand Prix) is leading AV guidelines for selecting excellent products for purchase, highly influence of point of sales.  Aavara is pleased to announce the professional HDMI product lines win the award in Japan

Aavara wins VGP HDMI device award-

* PS122-HDMI Splitter 1:2
* SS422-HDMI Home Theater Integrator 4:2
* PS124- HDMI Splitter 1:4 for best compliant with SONY PS3 and Camcorder

About Visual Grand Prix

Visual Grand Prix was launched to promote the home entertainment industry, which primarily involves sound and image. The selections made serve as guidelines for users, helping them to select excellent products. Major shops and makers consider Visual Grand Prixto be highly influential at the actual point of sale.

Source: Visual Grand Prix

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