Monday, May 27, 2024

APEX Digital Imaging, Inc. Announces it has Joined the Rise Vision, Inc. Private Network Program for Digital Signage Content Management

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APEX Digital Imaging_logoPrivate Network Program enables APEX Digital Imaging to offer a complete, branded digital signage solution to its customer base using Rise Vision’s Software-as-a-Service approach.

APEX Digital Imaging announces that it has joined the Private Network Program launched by Rise Vision, Inc., a provider of a web-based content management system for the control of digital signage networks. The Rise Vision Private Network Program enables resellers to develop and manage their own branded digital signage solution based on Rise Vision’s Rise Display Network.

Rise Vision developed the Private Network Program to enable resellers to offer a complete digital signage solution to their customers. Resellers create their own branded solution based on Rise Display Network, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital signage content management system that is affordable, easy to deploy, and easy to use. With this program, customers can rely on their reseller partners for all aspects of a digital signage network, from hardware, to content management, to ongoing support.

“Digital signage is the first and the only medium that can effectively reach consumers while they’re away from home, and especially while they’re shopping,” says Milton Jones, president of Tampa-based APEX Digital Imaging, Inc. “Digital signage brings marketers a unique ability to customize each message quickly and easily for audiences at any location and even at any area within a location.”

“Most importantly, Rise Vision’s SaaS enables our business customers great value and time-to-market advantage over traditional enterprise models,” stresses Jones.”Companies have no hardware to buy, no maintenance fees to pay, and no fees for software upgrades. They only pay minimal implementation fees.” He also says that since new features are available instantaneously, companies save on upgrade costs while utilizing the most current software release. “In terms of network management, the SaaS model also has proven beyond doubt that it is the most efficient way of asset management in areas like accounting, CRM, sales operations management and many others,” Jones stresses.

“Unlike server-based digital signage solutions, Rise’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach enables resellers such as APEX Digital Imaging to offer a low-cost, easy to manage solution,” says Ryan Cahoy, Managing Director, Rise Vision, Inc. “The Private Network Program offers an integrated approach that appeals to today’s consumers, and that promotes reseller success.”

The Rise Display Network is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service content management system operated by Rise Vision. Subscriptions include access to live content such as news headlines, local weather, sports scores, and stock ticker updates. Users incorporate this live content with their own information, including media files, graphics, and text, and publish it directly to their network of digital signs. The new Private Network Operator program provides resellers with a personalized log-in page where they can add branding, and event messages directly to end users every time they access their digital signage networks.

About Rise Vision, Inc.

Rise Vision, Inc. owns, develops, and operates the Rise Display Network, a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content management system for digital signage that brings live data, custom messages, and content to thousands of displays. The Rise Display Network is a web service that does not require hosting infrastructure; users login from any Internet-accessible browser to update, control, and monitor their displays, or use their smart-phone browser to send critical alerts. Every display needs a message – we believe that it should be as easy as creating that message from the web, anywhere, anytime and knowing that it has been delivered. It’s that simple. For more information, call 877.538.7473 or visit [Rise Vision].

About APEX Digital Imaging

Located in Tampa, FL, APEX Digital Imaging is a leading provider of reliable, easy-to-use digital signage solutions and professional display products for businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Led by experienced IT and digital signage professionals, APEX focuses on showing its customers how to cost-effectively create and deliver targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate audiences. For more information on APEX Digital Imaging’s products and services, call 866-973-3034 or visit [APEX Digital Imaging].
Source: APEX Digital Imaging

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