Thursday, September 21, 2023

Digitise Media launches SmartTV digital signage network

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digitise-media-logoDigiTise Media has launched a digital new media network representing a convergence of technologies including cable and satellite television, mobile phones, PCs and the Internet. SmartTV technology offers retail business digital content branded specifically for their company. Another feature is the ability of clients to pick which content segments are run, on a schedule they create by location, via an online portal accessed through a computer or a mobile telephone. Granting total control of the digital video content being delivered via broadband to SmartTV screens also guarantees that competitors’ commercial advertisements will never be shown in client locations.

“This v3.0 release only comes after three-plus years of intense research and development, including alpha and beta testing, to ensure a rock-solid technology backbone,” said co-founder and director of operations Michelle Mallin.

Mallin refers to the origin of the SmartTV concept when the company’s technicians drove to New Orleans in trucks loaded with equipment and meals ready to eat (MRE) to provide assistance in rebuilding Quick Serve Restaurants following Hurricane Katrina in the fall of 2005. These restaurants were the first sites with power and a warm meal after the devastating storm. At a time when cable television news channels were only broadcasting the story at a national level, DigiTise Media’s co-founder and chief technology officer, James Margiotta, envisioned a community information service delivering local news, down to a six block radius, to a TV screen.

Now, with the release of DigiTiser v3.0, the company’s proprietary content management system, DigiTise Media delivers branded television that includes clients’ choice of local news and events, content spotlighting the local community, a stock scroll, a news scroll, professional sports scores, corporate communications and employee training, and a transaction dashboard showing live register/POS sales by item/SKU and/or product category for the back office. And, with an established North American technician network, DigiTise Media can install and maintain the SmartTV system anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Along with providing local information, at a zip code level, the SmartTV technology also provides a consumer education system in support of the products and/or services being sold at the retail location. DigiTise Media’s proven model shows that this incremental revenue alone more than pays for the nominal service fees, which top out at $100 a month.

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