Sunday, October 1, 2023

Technovare Announces Next Generation Digital Signage HD Media Player

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Technovare Systems_logoTechnovare Systems TNET410 Embedded Media PlayerTechnovare Systems Inc. has announced the introduction of it latest media player technology — the TNET410, a High Definition (HD) network player designed for the digital signage, education, corporate and hospitality industries.

According to the Costa Mesa, Calif., company, the TNET410’s micro-form factor (4 ¼ inches x 9 inches x 1 inch) and 10W power rating will simplify installation for system integrators and be perfect for today’s very thin flat panel HD displays.

With an optional tri-band tuner and HIMI (Cisco’s High-Speed Intrachassis Module Interconnect) input, this player lets you mix live broadcast or camera input as part of your contents along with digital media and dynamic HTML contents, the company said.

According to the company, its integrated playlist feature allows advanced scheduling of media and display control without interaction from an external source. Playlists can contain a mixture of network streaming video, video files, graphics files or HTML files. In addition, the TNET410 can contain control functions for the display such as switching inputs and turning the display on/off.

This player also can play most major HD video formats such as MPEG2/4, H.26 and WM9 up to 40 Mbps in very high video fidelity, thanks to its hardware-based decoder. Optional 802.11g wireless card, 3G cellular module, general input/ output control and internal HDD/CF card provide flexible application possibilities and save valuable network bandwidth.

Technovare’s HD network players can be controlled with PixLQ Commander, which provides a convenient way for configuration, control and file distribution of the unit via a standard Internet browser located anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Technovare will show the TNET410 at Infocomm 2009, June 17-19, in Orlando.

Source: Technovare Systems

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