Sunday, May 26, 2024

AllSee Technologies launches its new 21” LCD Digital Poster

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AllSee Technologies LCD Digital PosterBirmingham, UK – 31/01/11 – AllSee Technologies is upgrading their current 20” LCD Digital Poster with a new 21” LCD Digital Poster to be sold for the same price.

The new 21” LCD Digital Poster also includes the following improvements:

• An extra 1.6 inches (40.64mm) of diagonal size,

• A more compatible 16:9 display ratio,

• At 30.7mm it has a thinner profile,

• Faster data transfer rate for USB updates.

As well as retaining key features such as a slim, elegant tempered glass design and sharp image quality the new 21” LCD Digital Poster will also have the same 2GB internal memory. The new model also comes with a free wall mount and keeps the previous scheduling software and plug and play system as standard.

The LCD digital poster has extremely diverse range of practical applications. From retail environments such as shopping centres and supermarkets to more ambiguous locations like bars, banks, art exhibitions and gyms the LCD Digital Poster is the perfect means of engaging potential customers through digital advertising.

The 21” LCD Digital Poster is in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

Contact us for more information on this exciting product.

Source: AllSee Technologies

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