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Omek Interactive and Panasonic Electric Works Bring Complete 3D Gesture Recognition and Interactive Solutions to Advertisers and Retailers

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Omek Interactive logoOmek Interactive, a worldwide leader in gesture recognition and full-body tracking, and Panasonic Electric Works (NYSE:PC), a global leader in motion sensors and electronic components, have announced a collaboration to enable gaming, digital signage and entertainment providers to create fully immersive 3D experiences for consumers.

Panasonic’s 3D imaging sensor, the D-IMager, is a near infrared state-of-the-art sensor using a proprietary CCD to capture movement or gestures based on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. When combined with Omek’s gesture recognition engine, a variety of interactive applications, including digital signage, entertainment and interactive point of sale systems can be developed quickly and easily.

Omek’s software package includes gesture packs for Natural User Interface controls (NUI) such as scrolling and selecting and application packs featuring Follow Bubble and Lucky Lotto. Follow Bubble creates on-screen speech bubbles that follow people as they come within range of the camera and display. Lucky Lotto displays boxes (or other shapes) with symbols “hidden” under them. As potential customers walk by the display, it asks them to choose by using a hand gesture to reveal prizes or coupons.

“You can think of it as an interactive “touchless” screen,” said Rebecca Rachmany, Sr. Marketing Director of Omek Interactive. “A user only needs to be close to the screen and the screen “interacts” with you. Wave your hand and it waves back. Applications can be developed where people can experience the feeling of flying, dancing or catching virtual objects. For advertisers, this opens up an entirely new toolbox and a world of possibilities that will attract customers and create unique experiences.”

The Panasonic 3D sensor enables gesture recognition and full body motion tracking using real time threedimensional information. It also allows consumers to control in-store electronic displays, play games and interact with advertising and information screens. The solution provides accurate tracking in a wide range of lighting
conditions, including brightly lit environments.

“We are moving towards an age where advertising and products interact with customers,” said Nick DeGaetano, Group Manager of Marketing of Panasonic Electric Corp of America. “Advertisers can create games and interfaces that center around the customer. The first step in accomplishing a fully immersive environment is using the D-IMager with Omek’s software solutions.”

About Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America:

Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America is a leading supplier of electronic components that include a full range of motion sensors, electromechanical, solid state relays, and fine pitch connectors. Panasonic is also a recognized supplier of automation controls, lighting and GPS products.

We manufacture and market products for various industries including commercial and consumer electronics. Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

Panasonic’s D-IMager is now available for purchase through Arrow Electronics and Digi-Key.
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About Omek

Omek creates software that makes it easy to integrate 3D sensors into a wide variety of appliances, and easy for developers to create experiences using 3D sensor input. Omek’s gesture-authoring tools allow dramatic reduction of development times for games and applications. Only Omek provides hardware-agnostic software for platform vendors, sensor makers, and application developers. By taking a cross-platform approach, Omek enables the integration of gesture detection into any device and platform.

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Rebecca Rachmany
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Source: Omek Interactive

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