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DisplayLink and VIA Labs Widen USB Graphics Ecosystem Removing Cable Length Limitations and Increasing Client Bandwidth

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DisplayLink_logoAlliance Enables Greater Flexibility for Apps such as Digital Signage and Zero Clients

DisplayLink and VIA Labs, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of VIA Technologies, today announced a technological alliance in the development of a new chip technology designed to significantly expand the USB virtual graphics ecosystem and effectively abolish the cable length limitations for graphics over USB. The two companies will demo the new solution during the International CES show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 6-9, 2011.

With implications for numerous graphics over USB applications including digital signage and zero clients, the demonstration will feature forthcoming technologies from VIA Labs combined with DisplayLink technology to enable the connection of multiple zero clients over active optical cables to a host computer running Windows MultiPoint Server 2010. The solution will illustrate the potential for greatly increased distances using optical cables, while allowing each client to take full advantage of the 480Mb/s of USB 2.0 bandwidth, and adding increased security to connections.

“Our alliance with VIA Labs is mutually beneficial, presenting significant market opportunities for our optical cable technology across a wide range of applications,” said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of marketing and business development at DisplayLink. “Using optical cables not only allows for considerable length cable installations, but also will prove to be less costly than copper for even medium-length cabling implementations.”

The CES demonstration will highlight how VIA Labs is incorporating DisplayLink graphic solutions that will build the ecosystem for connecting a larger number of devices over a common bus without concern for signal degradation. VIA Labs will demonstrate the zero client system connected to a 100-meter spool of optical cable to emphasize that longer distances are now possible with USB virtual graphics.

The live demo can be seen at CES 2011 in the VIA Labs booth 36505.

About VIA Labs, Inc

VIA Labs, Inc is the foremost supplier of USB 3.0 integrated chip controllers that are driving adoption of the new SuperSpeed USB data transfer specification. A wholly owned subsidiary of x86 processor platform provider, VIA Technologies, Inc., VIA Labs leverages its experience in high-speed serial link interfaces, in-house PHY design, and complete system integration to offer customers industry leading technology along with guaranteed high quality and implementation support.

About DisplayLink

DisplayLink Corp. ( is a chips and software company that enables easy virtual graphics connectivity between computers and displays over standard interfaces such as USB, wireless USB and Ethernet. DisplayLink technology is used in dozens of globally branded PC accessories including monitors, docking stations, display adapters, projectors, and zero client systems that enable expansion of the desktop visual workspace at significantly lower cost and energy than traditional solutions.

DisplayLink is ranked the fourth fastest growing EMEA Company by Deloitte, and was awarded the CES 2011 Best of Innovation Award Honoree in the Enabling Technologies category for its forthcoming Interactive Networked Graphics for SuperSpeed USB. For more information and product details visit DisplayLink Shop and follow DisplayLink on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: DisplayLink

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