May 28, 2023

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Industry Leading Brands to Advertise in Mirrors at O’Hare

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Advertise in MirrorsMirrus, creator of the Digital Advertising Mirror and the Mirror Image Digital Network, has partnered with leading global media research agency Millward Brown to study the effectiveness of Mirror Image as an advertising medium and quantify advertisers ROI based on the concrete metrics Mirror Image collects.

The study began at the Greensboro Coliseum and will conclude with testing at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport later this month. World-class companies and notable brands such as Microsoft, Geico,, Unilever, S C Johnson, Coke and Spanx will be participating in the final round of analysis. Mirrus’ SVP and Global Director of Business Development Kenneth Kovasala stated “We have been thrilled with the results and all aspects of the study and the fact that the world’s most powerful brands are advertising in Mirror Image further validates our ability to deliver guaranteed impressions in a relevant, engaging, memorable and quantifiable manner.”

Initial market research and quantitative testing from the study held in Greensboro suggests that consumers remember brands advertised in Mirror Image at a rate of 5X greater than other stadium advertising. Furthermore, brands achieved a positive uplift in brand equity as a result of advertising in Mirror Image. Millward Brown’s Managing Director Mario Simon stated, “In preliminary studies, we’ve seen that unaided recall for ads on Mirror Image is significantly higher than for ads on other advertising mediums.” More details about the study results can be viewed on Mirrus’ website

In addition to the consumer intercept analysis, Millward also interviewed key advertising agency personnel and digital experts to gain their perspective on Mirror Image, in conjunction with conducting two focus group studies to ensure validation. The Millward Brown Media Document summary as well as Focus group videos can be seen on the Mirrus website.

“Our company is built on the foundation of developing and implementing technology solutions that allow industry leading to brands to effectively communicate with their consumers, so it was critical that we also involved an industry leader in the brand strategy and measurement space,” added Brian Reid, President & Founder of Mirrus.

About Mirrus

Founded in 2006, Mirrus designs, perfects and implements innovative multimedia vehicles. When utilized in harmony, Mirrus’ vehicles serve as engagement platforms for brands to effectively communicate with their consumers.

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About Millward Brown

Millward Brown Optimor helps companies develop, justify and implement strategies for brands based on financial value delivered. This ability to quantify the intangible in financial terms allows our clients to build a case for brands both within and outside of the marketing organization.

Source: Mirrus