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Media Sign Pro Releases Latest Version of Digital Signage Software for the Mac

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MediaSignPro logoMedia Sign Pro has announced that they released version 3.2 of their Mac based digital signage software. This version will include a variety of updates including a fully-integrated system scheduler, higher zone limits, RSS feed optimizations, and much more.

“We have been working very closely with our clients to identify what features were needed to solidify Media Sign Pro as the premier stand-alone Mac based digital signage software solution in the market,” said Chris Lee, President and Co-Founder of Media Sign Pro. “With a truly integrated system scheduler, increased zone limits, a variety of code optimizations across the board, and many other new features, we believe that our clients will be very pleased with our new release.”

The highlight of the update is the automated system scheduler that allows users to schedule shut downs and startups of their Mac at scheduled times along with the auto-launch of their digital signage project. Users can have their Macs start up at the beginning of the day, launch their digital signage project, and then shutdown at the end of the day without the need of any user interaction.

The new release will be available to all clients free of charge, even those who are still using versions 1 or 2 and have not had the opportunity to purchase an upgrade to version 3.

“The system scheduler is a critical component that all of our users should have the privilege of using. We want Media Sign Pro to be a hassle-free solution for all our clients, that is why we are making this specific release free of charge to all current Media Sign Pro users,” states Chris Lee. “It is our way of saying thank you for your commitment to our company and software.”

The new version also allows the RSS Ticker and RSS Bulletin Zones to auto-update every minute rather than every 15 minutes. This feature became a critical request from users who needed their Twitter feeds to update immediately after making a new tweet. Users can now tweet from their smart phone and see their custom messaging appear on the sign within a minute.

Limits for Video, Image, and Text Zones have also been increased. Users can now have two separate video playlists displayed simultaneously, allowing higher flexibility for designers. Users can also play audio files supported by QuickTime within one Video Zone while having a muted video playing in another zone.

New features and optimizations in Media Sign Pro 3.2 include:

– Fully-automated system scheduler allowing users to schedule their Macs to shut down and startup at specific times, along with having Media Sign Pro auto-launch and auto-play a specific project.

– A more streamlined and easier to use project scheduler that allows users to have different projects played at different times of the day, week, or month.

– Video Zone limit has been increased from one to two allowing two videos to be played simultaneously within one project.

– Ability to mute audio for individual files in a Video Zone playlist.

– Image Zone limit has been increased from three to five.

– Text Zone limit has been increased from three to five.

– RSS Ticker Zone allows character omission for easier Twitter feed integration.

– RSS Ticker and RSS Bulletin Zones now auto-update every minute rather than every 15 minutes.

– Stability improvements allowing you to save larger project files.

– Many minor bug fixes that improve the overall stability of the application.

The company states that they are by no means done with product development in the near term. Their next software release, expected within the first quarter of 2011, will include an advanced social networking feature that brings interactivity to digital signs.

Source: Media Sign Pro

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