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VBrick Systems Unveils the Industry’s First Comprehensive H.264-Based IP Video Platform

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VBrick Systems_logoFour New Products Combine to Deliver Ubiquitous Reach for Video in the Enterprise

IP video technology leader VBrick Systems announced today the industry’s first complete H.264 video solution for broad enterprise video deployment. Today’s announcement marks the first time that corporations, educational institutions and government entities can extend H.264-based video applications to all endpoint types and across all networking environments. VBrick delivers this comprehensive solution set via customers’ Unified Communications approach of choice.

The H.264 Advantage

Until now customers have primarily turned to Windows Media-based solutions to support multiple streaming applications across corporate networks. This continues to be an effective approach given the robustness of the Windows Media technology ecosystem and how readily available Windows Media players are on enterprise desktops. The International Telecommunications Standard’s (ITU) H.264 video standard, however, offers distinct advantages that include significantly higher video resolution; improved network bandwidth utilization; broader distribution capabilities spanning mobile and fixed devices; and new adaptive streaming that ensures the highest-quality user experience. In spite of its promise, H.264 implementations have been until now generally limited to narrow, point applications involving known endpoints.

“VBrick’s H.264-based Digital Signage solution that powers the 75 digital signs and video wall panels located throughout our convention center—which collectively keep over 1 million visitors per year apprised of convention center news and tradeshow updates in real-time—has proven so effective because of the high-quality nature of VBrick’s H.264 implementation, particularly its reach to so many end devices. Visitors can rely on this technology to stay abreast of information while on the go,” said Michael Waxer, Chief Information Officer of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. “VBrick’s innovative products have bolstered our reputation as the most technology savvy venue for the world’s most important exhibitions.”

VBrick’s H.264 Technology In Action

VBrick brings H.264 IP video into the mainstream, providing both the breadth of solutions demanded by enterprises as well as the reach and efficiencies long promised by this standard. The four new products unveiled today provide the following unique benefits to customers:

• Ubiquitous video play-out to desktops, fixed screens and mobile devices, over the player environment of choice (e.g. Windows Media Player, Flash, QuickTime)

• The ability to concurrently extend streaming video to endpoints connected by low bandwidth with modest screen resolution, and those capable of rendering 1080p high definition video

• The ability to traverse a variety of networks, dynamically routing users to the content source that optimizes network usage, and simultaneously stream both behind the enterprise firewall as well as across the Internet

• The integration of a wide variety of rich media into the video stream, and the intelligent live or on-demand distribution of this content

VBrick’s H.264 IP Video Platform At-a-Glance

VBrick’s new H.264 product suite is comprised of the following products:

• H.264 Distributed Media Engine (DME): enables multi-site organizations and campuses to deliver high quality, rich-media H.264 content to all staff and to a diversity of end devices — even if their network access is bandwidth constrained. Typically deployed at the network edge, the DME provides H.264 media re-distribution and transformation services.

• VBrick’s Enterprise Media System (VEMS) Version 5.3: is the source of video network intelligence and, combined with the new DME, intelligently routes users to the best location to receive live and on-demand content. VEMS 5.3 also allows presentations to be delivered in high definition H.264 video via the VEMS Presenter module and transcodes video files from a variety of formats to and from H.264.

• 7000 Series H.264 Encoding Appliance Version 3.0: encodes and streams high definition 1080p quality IP video to a variety of endpoints simultaneously, including to Adobe Flash players, and supports multiple bit rate encoding (MBR) to stream at different rates to different players over networks with varying bandwidth levels. When streaming over lower bandwidth or unreliable networks, video can also be stored on the device itself.

• 7000 Series H.264 Decoding Appliance: is targeted at applications such as video backhaul requiring the highest possible reliability, and low latency applications including remote device control. In addition to automatic failover and low latency, the Decoding Appliance also supports multiple channels and HD/3G-SDI output for the highest possible quality digital output.

About VBrick Systems, Inc.

VBrick is the leader in Enterprise IP Video, with over 9,000 corporate, education and government customers and 60,000 installations worldwide. VBrick solutions work over standard IP networks and the Internet to enable the creation, publishing and distribution of rich media content. Our comprehensive streaming solutions are used in a wide range of live and on-demand applications including meeting and event broadcasts, employee collaboration, distributed learning, digital signage, TV distribution, and video surveillance. Headquartered in Wallingford, CT, VBrick’s products and services are available through industry-leading value-added resellers. For more information, visit

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