March 25, 2023

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Minicom Digital Signage & GnosySoft won the Viscom 4th Digital Signage Best Practice Award 2010!

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Minicom Digital Signage, leading provider of advanced media distribution and innovative management solutions for the Digital Signage industry, is proud to announce that it has won the Viscom Digital Signage Best Practice Awards 2010, along with GnosySoft, its partner in Cyprus, for the Digital Signage project in the Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus.

The Digital Signage Best Practice Awards is one of the most valuable and prestigious awards for Digital Signage projects in Europe. It was delivered at the Viscom Frankfurt exhibition this past Friday, with the goal to honor innovative and successful Digital Signage projects because of their efficient planning and creative implementation in order to encourage more companies to make increased use of this form of signage and to stimulate ideas for new digital signage projects. The underlying idea of this award is to present both the client and the contractor of a Digital Signage project, and to give an equal prominence to the realization and the usefulness for the observer/ user of innovative digital signage networks.

MDS & GnosySoft won the Award for the Larnaca Airport’s Digital Signage installation which was conceived to provide a pleasant experience to the potential 5 million passengers who are travelling through the airport every year, and to build the most modern approach for airports’ sales and advertising. This network comprises over 350 displays on 8 different venues, and uses MDS transmission units – DS Vision® 3000 – providing HD media distribution and display control. By using significantly less electricity and cabling, this solution thereby dramatically reduced infrastructure requirements and costs. This installation illustrates MDS & GnosySoft’s expertise and innovation in designing, operating, managing and maintaining a Digital Signage network providing maximum exposure at minimum cost, while improving the airport’s user experience.

André Koitzsch, Minicom Digital Signage Sales Director for Europe, says: “MDS is very proud to be the winner of the Viscom Award with GnosySoft this year! By winning this award, MDS is showing that its business model of working with local partners in order to guarantee local customers’ satisfaction is a successful formula. GnosySoft is MDS’ long term partner and a valuable asset for our local business in Cyprus. As proven by this award, MDS products, which are installed at the Larnaca Airport, provide an effective and innovative solution for network owners. In the future, this solution will be able to be further enhanced with MDS’ ScreenGate Management Gateway which allows network operators to control and monitor their complete network according to the specific needs of the airport’s installation.”

George Roushas, GnosySoft Managing Director, says: “It was a great honor first of all to be awarded the Digital Signage project at the new Larnaca International Airport by AdAirport, ClearChannel and Hermes Airports because it has the makings of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our biggest challenge in 2009 was designing, installing and managing the Digital Signage project with our strategic partners Minicom Digital Signage and Scala. We managed it by introducing a risk management program that ensured that potential for failure was identified early on in testing so that the final installation was guaranteed to be a success. As a result of this success, we at GnosySoft Ltd. are delighted to be the winner of the Viscom Award for 2010 with Minicom Digital Signage! Lastly, I would like to show my gratitude to the digital signage team at GnosySoft Ltd. for their hard and innovative work, our strategic partners Minicom Digital Signage and Scala for the flawless collaboration and our client AdAirport Ltd. for believing in GnosySoft Ltd. to undertake this challenging Digital Signage project.”

About Minicom Digital Signage

Minicom Digital Signage is the leading provider of advanced media distribution and innovative management solutions for the Digital Signage industry. Our solutions allow the distribution of rich content from a media player to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away, offering advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities. Our mission is to offer integrators and distributors media infrastructure solutions with the highest added value at the lowest capital & operational costs.

With more than 400K screen displays powered, offices and partnerships all over the world, Minicom Digital Signage is the recognized leader in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to the ever-growing challenges and requirements of the Digital Signage industry.

For more information, visit MDS at

About GnosySoft

GnosySoft Ltd. ( is one of the leading turnkey digital signage solution providers for Airports and Malls. GnosySoft was established by a team of software engineers, consultants, animators and web developers with the purpose of providing professional solutions to clients in order to maximize profit and growth for businesses. Through the combination of different IT solutions GnosySoft has reached a high level of hybrid IT knowledge which has been applied successfully among a constantly growing clientele. GnosySoft focuses on knowledge of information technology and it takes innovative approaches to web design, web marketing, digital signage systems and the operation and maintenance of IT systems. Our motto is “Bee innovative”.

GnosySoft is a part of GnosyColony Group.

Gnosycolony Group Ltd ( is a family of four companies; GnosySoft, GnosyMentor, GnosyAnimation, and GnosyArt. In Greek, the word Gnosys defines a broad and mature understanding or knowledge of a topic. Applying interdisciplinary knowledge of this nature is at the core of the Group’s activities. Gnosymentor ( leverages technology, leadership, and management experience, to help individuals, teams, and enterprises develop to their full potential. Its motto is “Bee wise“. Gnosyanimation ( is a change agent in the creative world of visual effects and 3D animation that focuses on creating dynamic solutions for television, digital signage, and cartoon films. Its motto is “Bee 3D“. Gnosyart‘s ( focus is to promote artists and their work. Gnosyart strives to create awareness and reach buyers and collectors of creative arts through exhibits, e-magazines (Art[e]choke) and a focused web presence for individual artists worldwide. Its motto is “Bee creative“.

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