June 3, 2023


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ZetaDisplay launches ZetaFunction for Digital Signage ? pay only for the services you need

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ZetaFunction is an all?embracing financing solution, with the entire set of services for a complete Digital Signage solution on one and the same invoice. These can cover Media production, Playout, Supervision, Licensing, On?site service and Installation, together with Monitors and Media players. All combined into one invoice, which means that clients only pay for use of the services for a particular period and have complete control over all the expenses that are associated with the services. Simple and predictable thats what we call ZetaFunction.

? ZetaFunction offers a solution whereby the client doesnt need to call on liquidity until installation and commissioning are completed. It is also possible to seasonally adapt the monthly outgoings to better harmonise with the clients takings flow. The client no longer needs to invest in technology, only to pay for the necessary services. Several of our clients in Sweden already use ZetaFunction, and we are now launching it throughout all the Nordic countries, says Leif Liljebrunn, CEO of ZetaDisplay AB (plc).

ZetaFunction gives the client the capability of simply making changes in the Agreement, even after the starting date, as needs can change from time to time. The client can change or update parts of the equipment without any alteration to the monthly costs. At the expiry of the Agreement period the client can extend it for the services that are still in use, while provision of the old services ceases. ZetaFunction ensures that the client has the services that are needed when they are needed.

Other advantages of ZetaFunction:
? The monthly fees are completely deductible and treated as an overhead in the bookkeeping
? The budgeting and investment processes are simplified and reduced
? The client maintains the bank lending facility and does not compromise the equity/assets ratio or liquidity
? Insurance is included

ZetaDisplay is in an expansive phase and has positioned itself in the market by being able to show markedly increased sales and improving communication for its clients by means of the companys media platform for Digital Signage.

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage within retailing and in public environments in the Nordic market. ZetaDisplay has about 40 employees and has continued in recent years to grow in Sweden, while having subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

If you have questions please contact:
CEO Leif Liljebrunn
Telephone: 46 70 845 80 52
E?mail: leif.liljebrunn [at] zetadisplay.com

Source: ZetaDisplay