Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Eco-Flight Boards – A Digital Signage Technology That Saves Money and Eliminates Worries!

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Noventri announces a new product launch to their line of digital signage products – the Eco-Flight Board. The Eco-Flight Board provides hotels, airports, conference centers, convention centers, and other venues located near airports a direct feed of flight departures that are displayed on LCD screens for easy viewing.

Eco-Flight Board technology uses the Eco-Series SF-100e ‘green’ digital signage player, a non-PC-based player that uses less than four watts of power per screen. This amounts to a savings of approximately $250 per screen per year over standard PC technology.
Also, since the Eco-Flight Board is a non-PC technology it is low maintenance, easy to install and it eliminates excessive wires, unsightly boxes and ventilation worries.

Each Eco-Flight Board package starts at $1495 and is equipped with an Eco-Series SF-100e Digital Signage Player (manufactured exclusively by Noventri); an LCD screen; wall mount; cable; Noventri Digital Signage Suite Software, and a one-year warranty. The data feed is a monthly or yearly subscription-

based service. As an option, screens can be branded with a company logo or additional feeds such as: weather, traffic and trivia feed subscriptions to create a custom, cohesive offering.
“This is an economical way of providing flight information that saves money and is low-maintenance,” says Andrew Hoffman, VP at Noventri, a digital signage company located in Maryland. “ It’s easy to install and get up and running. You simply mount the screen on the wall, attached the Eco-Series SF-100e player and choose either a monthly or yearly data feed subscription and your ready to go!”
For more information visit the Noventri website or contact Judy L. Hoffman, Public Relations & Marketing at 1-800-359-1858, ext. 211 or email at: judyh [at] noventri.com.

Noventri – a Division of Specialized Communications Corp. (est. 1985) – Noventri has been a leader in manufacturing, sales, service, installation, content creation and management digital signage since 1999 and has served such names as: Marriott, Sheraton, Java City, Aramark, Houston Astro’s Minute Maid Park, Orioles Camden Yards, DC’s The Newseum and Chick-fil-A.  Noventri is located at: 20940 Twin Springs Dr., Smithsburg, MD 21783-1510. URL:  www.noventri.com

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Noventri delivers all-encompassing visioneering solutions to commercial and industrial markets, including hospitality, sports, healthcare, educational, museums and government entities.

Source: Noventri

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