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Minicom Digital Signage is organizing the Digital Signage Expert Tour at viscom Frankfurt on Nov 4th & 5th

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Minicom Digital Signage, leading manufacturer of advanced multimedia platforms and media distribution solutions for the Digital Signage industry, and Reed Exhibitions Germany, the organizer of the viscom exhibition series, announce that they will organize the Digital Signage Expert Tour at viscom Frankfurt 2010, on Nov 4th & 5th 2010.

The Digital Signage Expert Tour is an educational framework, designed to help visitors understand the full digital out-of-home experience on the show floor. This free tour will provide an overview of selected exhibitors, following the path of the digital signage supply chain, from content creation to measurement, outlining how they fit into the overall Digital Signage puzzle. To participate to this free tour, participants can register by clicking here: The tour will start at the hall 3.0 stand No H23.

In addition, Minicom Digital Signage will use an innovative communication method, allowing participants to listen to the tour guide’s explanations without surrounding interferences. This method utilizes the ListenTech Tour Audiosystem and ensures that listeners hear comprehensively, without interruption.

André Koitzsch, Minicom Digital Signage Sales Director for Germany, says: “After the successful Digital Signage Expert Tour we performed last year at viscom 2009 in Düsseldorf, we will offer this year again a tour to present the Digital Signage Ecosystem at viscom 2010 in Frankfurt. The tour will focus on major players of the Digital Signage industry and will give interesting insights by looking behind the scenes of major milestones to build a professional Digital Signage installation”.

Viscom logoAccording to Petra Lassahn, viscom Event Director: “This cooperation with Minicom Digital Signage’s Expert Tour perfectly complements our supporting program “Digital Signage Days”. The Digital Signage Expert Tour gives viscom’s participants the opportunity to experience practically what has been learnt before in theory and to discuss issues directly with the exhibiting companies.”

About Minicom Digital Signage

Minicom Digital Signage is the leading manufacturer of advanced multimedia platforms and media infrastructure solutions for the Digital Signage industry. Our solutions allow the distribution of rich content from a media player to multiple digital displays located hundreds of meters/feet away, offering advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities. Our mission is to offer integrators and distributors media infrastructure solutions with the highest added value at the lowest capital & operational costs.

With more than 400K screen displays powered, offices and partnerships all over the world, Minicom Digital Signage is the recognized leader in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to the ever-growing challenges and requirements of the Digital Signage industry.

For more information, visit MDS at

About viscom frankfurt 2010

The Digital Signage World as a branded identity under viscom’s umbrella brand, including the exhibition, the Digital Signage Days as a core element during the fair, and the Digital Signage Best Practice Award.

Digital Signage Days

In the field of digital signage, viscom is not only an international market place but also a further education forum. During the Digital Signage Days on November 4th & 5th, numerous lectures at the viscom forum complement the exhibition. Specialists from associations and the industry will then provide an overview of content, technology and communication planning, as well as examples of successful digital signage applications. Exhibitors will also provide an insight into their current projects.

Digital Signage Best Practice Award

The fourth edition of the Digital Signage Best Practice Award is more international than ever. Companies from all over Europe applied, among others from Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Israel and Cyprus. The interest in the Award as part of the Digital Signage World also demonstrates the great significance accorded to this “fair within the fair”. The Digital Signage World, which has been part of viscom for the last three years, is the largest presentation of worldwide applications and displays of complete solutions for the retail sector, information and route guiding systems, interactivity and content. The nominees for the Digital Signage Best Practice Award will also be presented to visitors at the trade fair. The award presentation ceremony will take place during the “viscom night” on the 5th of November 2010, starting at 7 p.m. in the “Ratskeller” restaurant in the Frankfurt City Hall complex.

viscom tec.10 conference

From iPhone apps, to video games and 3D applications, to the needs of an aging society – the speakers at the viscom tec.10 conference, to be held on 3 November 2010 in Frankfurt, will take a 360° view at future visual communication technologies and the challenges they pose.

Here all discussions will focus on the consumer and his media use and buying behavior. In its lectures, the viscom tec.10 conference follows him through the process of deciding on a product or service. The conference concentrates on the possibilities of visual communication for supporting the consumer on this path – from using media at his own home to contact with media in public areas through to the point of sale. The effect of social and technological developments on patterns of media use among target groups will also be discussed. 

More information on viscom and viscom tec.10 conference: and

Contacts for more information:

Minicom Digital Signage

Nathalie Garson
Marketing Manager
Tel +972 2 640 40 43
nathalie.garson [at]


Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH
Project viscom
Mr. Christian Hruschka
Project Manager
Tel.: +49 211 90 191 197
christian.hruschka [at]

Source: Minicom

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