Tuesday, September 26, 2023

never.no Makes Interactive Marketing Possible For Dramatically Expanded User Base

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Technology Provider Offers Affordable, Cloud-Based Toolkit

never.no today announced a highly successful roll-out for its innovative Rent-to-Own program, which takes advantage of cloud-based computing to make award-winning interactivity technology available, affordable, and useful to a dramatically expanded user base. Within weeks of the program’s launch, half a dozen international advertising and marketing agencies including Digital Reach Group, Trock Media Solutions, and Clickgrafix Design Studios had signed on to take advantage of the power of interactivity for their clients.

With never.no Rent-to-Own, advertising and marketing agencies, media networks, and other customers can take advantage of Interactivity Suite (IS), a full-featured digital platform that enables them to build and maintain interactive media campaigns that leverage consumer-engaging features like mobile marketing dialogs, social media integration, user-generated content, and opt-in database marketing. Furthermore, the never.no IS platform enables these campaigns to work simultaneously in near real time across almost any digital platform, be it Web, broadcast, digital signage, Flash®, iPad™, Facebook, or a mobile device.

“Our idea with Rent-to-Own is to empower our customers by affordably enabling them to offer a host of new and highly desirable services to their clients,” said Lars Lauritzsen, never.no CEO. “And this novel pricing structure means they can do so without the need for hardware purchases, software installations, or esoteric technical knowledge. With cloud-based never.no IS, even enterprises that are skeptical about the benefits of interactivity can try it out and see for themselves.”

never.no IS represents 10 years of the firm’s accumulated experience, expertise, and labor aggregated into an expansive, interactivity toolkit that enables users to develop their own interactive services without writing a line of code. It takes all the functionality of a long line of reliable never.no-developed services, including viewer polls, votes, chat, Twitter-to-screen, and Facebook-to-screen, and bundles them into one package that runs in the cloud. By connecting with more than 70 protocols, including social site APIs and broadcast commands, never.no IS gives users everything they need to build, deploy, and maintain interactive broadcast across multiple platforms, including broadcast, mobile, and social media.

A distinguishing feature of the never.no Rent-to-Own program is that more than half of the customer’s license payments are credited toward eventual purchase of the software, meaning the expenditure can be accounted for as an investment with the IP eventually being transferred to the balance sheet as an asset. In addition, never.no includes a day of free training in the pricing, enabling the user immediately to deploy a host of sample services that can be pitched to its own customers.

More information about never.no products is available at www.never.no or by phone at +47 22 01 66 20.

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About never.no

never.no ‘s award-winning interactive technology connects broadcasters, brands, outdoor media owners, and digital screen networks with online and mobile consumers. By dynamically modifying playout, schedules, and graphics based on viewer-generated or other internal and external inputs, the Interactivity Suite is ideal for the converging digital media market. The versatile never.no product suite works with traditional TV, Web TV, IPTV, digital signage, and mobile platforms. never.no technology powers a variety of high-profile interactive formats, including entire TV channels. In operation since 1999, never.no has data centers in Oslo, Norway; Los Angeles; and Dubai; and a global customer base including top brands such as Active Loop Television, Aspiro, CTVGlobeMedia, Etisalat, Music Choice, MyThum Interactive, Rubicon TV, TV Norge, TV2, and Viasat. More information about never.no products is available at www.never.no

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