September 28, 2022

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NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today the worldwide availability of its new LED modules for indoor and outdoor video wall installations. The move into this segment enhances NEC’s leading position in the professional-grade digital signage space.

The LED-06AF1 indoor LED module is ideal for retail stores, shopping malls and broadcast studios. Its outdoor companion, the LED-15BF1, is designed for sports arenas, airports and billboards for advertising. Both versions of the LED module operate under the “true pixel” principle, by which each red, green and blue light-emitting diode forms one single pixel. This allows for better color depth and more accurate images, especially with a video processor that offers adaptive de-interlacing, frame rate conversion and low latency processing. Its control software allows for the auto mapping of pixel allocation and auto locating, ensuring each module receives the correct image quadrant.

“Delving deeper into the digital signage industry allows NEC to offer a product for virtually every application imaginable, and most importantly, a single point of contact for all types of display needs,” said Keith Yanke, Director of Product Marketing at NEC Display Solutions. “The LED modules will be most useful to customers with large capacities and elevated audience quantities, such as transportation hubs, concert venues, sports facilities and shopping malls. Whether a permanent or mobile application, the indoor and outdoor LED modules from NEC can deliver the utmost in brightness, image quality and ease in video wall setup.”

The LED-06AF1 and LED-15BF1 LED modules include the following features:

  • Professional-grade quality
  • 2000- and 7500-NIT brightness
  • 6mm and 15mm pixel pitch
  • 3500:1 and 4500:1 contrast ratio
  • >800Hz refresh rate
  • DVI-D DualLink interface
  • 14- and 16-bit color processing allows for the highest image quality
  • Nichia LED lamp creates the longest LED life available for a video wall
  • IP65 protection rating on LED-15BF1 ensures proper protection from extreme outdoor environmental conditions
  • Auto video wall setup speeds up and eases the installation process by removing the hassle of predetermining the matrixing normally found in splitting the signal into its respective quadrant
  • Dot-to-dot correction to ensure high dot pitch accuracy
  • Industry-leading contrast using black LED and improved shader to reduce reflections (LED-06AF1 only)
  • Dimming controls determine the brightness of each module
  • Front and rear ports for servicing needs
  • LED Wall Manager Control Software, wall mounting solution, cables, video distributor and processor are available

The indoor and outdoor LED modules will be available in October 2010 and ship with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty. Both modules will be build-to-order with a 120-day lead time.

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