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A digital signage that can recognize your AUDIENCE – showing the eye-catching degree of your digital content!

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Digital signage has become a new thriving platform for advertising & marketing in recent year, but the weakness for not being able to evaluate it effectiveness and beneficial result always exits. From 2010 September, EcafTech will provide a new audience measurement solution—the Digital Signage Viewer Counter. By utilizing our unique face recognition and tracking technology, the DSVC offers the audience measurement for any digital signs, in-store product displays, kiosks, and display windows.

Our unique face detection and tracking technology quickly and precisely finds viewers’ faces captured by digital optic devices. DSVC tells you how many people walk near, how many among them actually look at and how long they look at your digital signage.

The DSVC is easy to integrate with existing digital signage networks and continually transmits the real-time data to the Content Management System. The real-time data can be further synchronized with contents to determine how many people saw each ad being played. These entirely anonymous, meaningful and powerful metrics help to evaluate the media performance accurately and to decide the best location for DS.

Many benefits by utilizing these metrics include:

* How many audience are watching your digital signage

* How long they are watching

* What are their gender/age bracket

* Which content (ads) attracts them most

* How many audience for each content (ads)

* Determine the most valuable time schedule for each digital signage in different location

* Where is the hotspot among your digital signage network

By accurately providing the statistics figures, DSVC helps marketing people to analyze and adjust their strategies for marketing campaigns. Moreover, the new era of precise digital media will create a new billing standard for advertisements, gradually moving toward the TV media billing pattern-the higher GRP the higher fees. Vice-President Mr. Hwang said: “The core technology that detects faces in every second not just telling you how many people are watching but also showing audience’s engagement level to the content of digital signage”. Audience will pay more attention time to the digital contents that they are interested in. By verifying audience’s viewing distance, we will have a clear idea to decide the optimized size of digital signage in different location. DSVC is small-sized and easy to integrate with digital signage network.

About EcafTech

EcafTech has devoted itself into the research of biometric identification technology since 2005 and we integrate our unique face recognition algorithms into the development of application products. In 2010 we have the powerful Face U host that utilizes the combination of two main recognition algorithms, the Principal Component Analysis with eigenface and Linear Discriminate Analysis, to achieve the fast and accurate recognition of each individual face.

1. DSVC, the Digital Signage Viewer Counter, to fulfill the demand of audience measurement for digital signages

2. FRID, the Face Recognition Identification Device, to operate in coordination with access control systems

Source: EcafTech

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