June 3, 2023


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New generation of digital communication and emergency lifesaving Budapest

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Infinitus has, in cooperation with Adlife Media Point, launched a new product imotion HELP, an all-in-one full outdoor 52 double sided portrait LCD display with integrated AED (automatic external defibrillator) device, intended for layman’s use. Event took place in front of WestEnd City Center entrance in Budapest.

Inauguration of imotion HELP is tightly connected to DOOH concept HELP, which in its core is a combination of digital public info communication and emergency lifesaving. Event has raised substantial attention from Hungarian media and was outlined by Budapest mayor candidate Mr. Istvan Tarlos actively participating in inauguration showing high level of city administration interest. Budapest recognized advantages of merged digital signage and AED medical technologies, consequently granting installation of HELP points in a number of extremely interesting and frequent passersby outdoor locations.

Inauguration event gathered number of media representatives Due to the lifesaving aspect HELP media is able to catch the city’s most frequented locations attracting a huge number of daily exposures, excluding other DOOH advertising solutions. Since the SCA is a worldwide phenomenon and each segment of HELP concept has been prepared according to international standards, the system is easily adaptable on international stage too. HELP’s broadcasting content mirrors every segment of life, addresses people in every location of their everyday life and can even save human lives in emergency. All this makes HELP the medium of life.

imotion HELP life saving point Basic purpose of HELP concept is fight against today’s worldwide number 1 cause of death, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) also named silent epidemic. Each year 325.000 Americans and 700.000 Europeans lose their lives because of the epidemic. Survival rate without immediate defibrillation is mere 5%. With immediate defibrillation chance of survival grows to 75%. Strong governmental and public initiatives dictate necessity of setting up Life Saving points in all public areas.

As a matter of fact American Red Cross has a vision of one person in every household being trained in First Aid and CPR lifesaving skills, and all Americans being within four minutes of an AED with someone trained to use it in the event of SCA. imotion HELP presents a quick reaction tool, as most important moments when person suffers SCA are immediately after the collapse, while with each minute of delay the chance of survival drops down from 7% to 10%. The answer is enabling citizens to help each other with knowledge of basic medical methods and availability of AED devices. This is the main purpose of HELP media, empowering people to be capable and ready to act in case of emergency. Commercial message on imotion HELP HELP media is economically viable and socially responsible DOOH network with high added value, satisfying number of involved stakeholders.

Beneficial to the community, HELP network will support itself via sponsoring, patronage, advertisement and commercial messages. Ratio of informational versus commercial messaging on HELP media will be well-balanced, basically meaning location owners can enjoy all the benefits of obtaining life saving emergency points, increasing the value of location, while advertisers and sponsors can connect to powerful message of saving lives and community welfare. For more information about imotion HELP and/or HELP DOOH concept please feel free to visit www.infinitus-outdoor.com or www.help.hu or contact us directly.

About Infinitus and Adlife Media Point

The realisation of imotion HELP outdoor is success and result of international cooperation between the Slovenian Infinitus d.o.o. who is an outstanding production specialist of digital signage solutions worldwide, and creator and operator of HELP concept, the Budapest-based Adlife Media Point Inc. Infinitus is an EU-based company who puts a special focus on manufacturing of all-in-one full outdoor LCD digital information display totems delivering leading-edge operational capabilities based on intelligent closed-split HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning) technology. Infinitus technology along with numerous innovations is patented in 51 countries as imotion® brand. Its mission is to provide reliable, robust, attractive LCD display systems, compatible with all digital signage software products and capable of operating in the most extreme environments including Canadian winter, Middle Eastern heat or South East Asian humidity. Adlife Media Point (AMP) Corporation has invented the entire HELP program, synthesized all related areas in one unified system, thus creating a worldwide novel synergy between layperson’s emergency lifesaving and digital information both in service and instrument. AMP Inc. is the exclusive patent owner of HELP invention, and holds the registered trademark of HELP. Both collaborating companies aim to establish a world market for highly featured all-weather signage, leveraging its proprietary technologies, providing high added value with HELP lifesaving concept and working with current and future regional partners within the global digital signage solution provider community.

Source: Infinitus