Friday, September 29, 2023

~sedna presenter first Mac-based Digital Signage software suite supports iPad

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~sedna GmbH released the new version of ~sedna presenter version 2.7 with iPad support. The award-winning Digital Signage software ~sedna presenter is already used worldwide in a wide variety of installations. As the first complete Digital Signage software solution for the Mac platform it offers several advantages over PC Digital Signage systems. The concept is quite easy: iTunes meets iCal for visual media.

The base application for content assembly, creation, scheduling and distribution is Presenter Scheduler. The playout software Presenter Player in combination with a standard Mac mini forms an inexpensive, robust and highly competitive Digital Signage system. Presenter Publisher and a standard web space or server can be used to automate Digital Signage content distribution to a large number of installed players.

~sedna presenter adds iPad as a Digital Signage playout system. Presenter Player for iPad is ideal for shelves in retail, POIs and POSs. It features one content layer for pictures, movies and HTML websites, one text ticker layer, plus a unique “Playlist on touch“ feature.

The powerful Presenter Player Pro was also enhanced with version 2.7. Now up to four independent overlays are supported on top of several playlists. This can be used to support complex playout situations and to play asynchronous playlists, e.g. a picture slide show on top of several movies or live TV.

Furthermore ~sedna presenter allows the synchronization of several displays and creating large video walls. The new improved Multiscreen asset makes it even more easy addressing displays in groups. Realizing different playout scenarios such as various playout content on different floors in a shopping mall and so forth can be achieved in one single project now.

Pricing & Availability:

The new ~sedna presenter 2.7 and Presenter Player for iPad app are shipping now. Presenter Player for iPad app is available as a free download in the iTunes App Store. Version 2.7 is a free upgrade for all existing customers. More information about ~sedna presenter and licenses for the products can be found on the ~sedna presenter website ( or by contacting a distributor or reseller.

Presenter Scheduler is available for a retail price of 390 € / US$ 595 (excl. VAT).
Presenter Player retail price is starting at 195 € / US$ 295 (excl. VAT).
Presenter Publisher is available for a retail price of 790 € / US$ 1195 (excl. VAT).
Presenter Player for iPad unlocking license is available for a retail price of 195 € / US$ 295 (excl. VAT).

~sedna is redefining the Digital Signage business with its award winning ~sedna presenter Digital Sigange software suite and Presenter Player for iPad app once again.

Press Contact:

Stefan Stallmann
~sedna GmbH
pr [at]

For additional information visit the ~sedna website, or call +49.30.390.489.300.

Source: ~sedna

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