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The Third Conference "All colors Digital Signage" will be held in Moscow

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AVclub All colors Digital SignageThe registration for the third international conference ” The color of Digital Signage “, to be held September 6-7, 2010 in downtown Amber Plaza” in Moscow, said in a press release of its organizers – the AV Club .

“All colors Digital Signage» – Russia’s only conference devoted to prospects of development of innovative audio-visual presentation technology – Digital Signage. The conference will be presented to the full range of equipment, content and software that is used in the technology of Digital Signage.

The conference will address Equipped with Digital Signage various institutions – from equipment selection through to the return on investment.

“The conference will go beyond the traditional format – in addition to reporting and business communication will be organized demozona, which will demonstrate technical innovations. In addition, the event will be training for technicians “, – stated in a press release.

On the first day of the conference will discuss different options for the use of electronic information display systems in the corporate sector. Thus, issues of business efficiency through Digital Signage and the question of minimizing the cost of implementing systems. The second day will be dedicated to advertising opportunities Digital Signage – will examine specific examples of implementation of Digital Signage in advertising networks, as well as emerging technologies (such as augmented reality).

“In addition, the professional forum will discuss such issues as the appropriateness and effectiveness of implementation of systems Digital Signage, return on investment in audiovisual equipment, and profit, innovative technologies that improve the functionality of Digital Signage (Bluetooth, Touch Screen, IP camera, Wi-Fi and etc.) “- was also reported by the organizers.

The conference will bring together leading vendors of hardware and software, installation companies, system integrators, users of systems, Digital Signage (advertising agencies, government agencies, transport companies, etc.), consulting companies and market experts. Among the participants – the company LG, Sharp, Mitsubishi, AV Stumpfl, DigiSky, Adissy, ProSoft, Olympus, AR Door and others.

Source: AVclub

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