Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Cityup 2.0 with new partners

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Cityup began last week in Bonn with the installation of a new Digital Signage network.  After the surprising separation of the telecom out of home this spring and the dismantling of the 150 displays extensive network established City up now for a second time a showcase TV network.

Director Helga Ebel-Gerlach focuses on new partners.  The technique you set-up at City headquarters in Bad Honnef on Samsung (40 “displays with integrated Media Player), Vodafone 3G mobile telephony, networking and Heine for the King DVD burning software.

Conceptually, it remains the proven concept of regional / local marketing district in clusters.

The decision of Cityup for Heineking Media emerged after a nationwide alert and surprised market observers. Heineking has been exclusively in the Education sector with a digital bulletin board (DSB) operate.

Specially for Cityup has now expanded the Digital Signage Software is an extensive feature list.

Source: Cityup

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