Thursday, October 5, 2023

Patent Granted to The Marlin Company for Workplace Digital Signage Product

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The Marlin Company of Wallingford, CT has been granted its first patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,743,112) for the Electronic Communication Station, a digital signage solution for workplace communication. The product enables companies to easily communicate important topics such as safety, quality and productivity in a visual manner.

The digital signage market is dominated by platforms used for marketing and advertising in retail settings, such as stores, banks, gas stations and entertainment venues. Marlin is the pioneer in offering a turnkey solution, developed specifically for the unique needs of the workplace. Animated content displayed in multiple panels and refreshed daily, helps managers “advertise” key messages to their employees in a way that sticks. Marlin provides industry content and software that allows users to easily create in-house communication using their own photos, videos, metrics, charts, PowerPoints and websites.

“Every manager has important issues that they need to reinforce with their workers,” said Frank Kenna III, President of the Marlin Company. “Given the level of worker distraction these days, visual communication is key to grabbing attention. Yet, any digital signage deployment is only as good as the content it plays. We save managers time and effort by supplying fresh content with automatic updates, and simple tools for customization.”

About The Marlin Company
For 97 years, The Marlin Company has been the Workplace Communication Experts™, helping companies improve employee morale, productivity and performance through the innovative use of workplace posters and digital signage. Its corporate posters and electronic display systems, which contain content customized by industry, are helping companies of all sizes address workplace issues, such as safety, stress management, health and wellness, communication with employees and dozens of other topics.

Contacts: Frank Kenna, The Marlin Company (203-294-9800 or . fkenna [at]
Jude Carter, The Marlin Company (203-294-9800 ext. 301 or . jcarter [at]

Source: The Marlin Company

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