November 29, 2022

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Poster or screen? Beides! Both!

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Prestige Enterprise 3.0 is the winner in the combination of both advertising media. Guidance on the media sales at the point-of-Sale (POS)

poster print is old-fashioned. Digital Signage too expensive. So what to do for effective sales promotion at the point-of-Sale? The first step is: to take leave of prejudice! Poster printing has continued its justification. And the ever-falling prices of computer monitors – with ever greater brilliance and resolution – Digital Signage for more and more companies making affordable. On the balance display in the butcher shop around the corner as well as on large screens in the sports and fashion store.

Print or digitally – decides the communication target
If, therefore, at the point-of-sale to a long-term replacement of the print media by digital displays? In applications such as large-scale fire-Promotion emotionalizing not entirely unlikely. At Aktionsstand with the wine of the week in week 45, the price poster will compete in the long run – even when sitting classical price tags and posters, the competition of electronic price displays in future more and more in the neck. Poster or screen? As of today and the foreseeable future, the better question is: Where do I put on the poster, where better on the screen?

Important for the operational implementation: Print and Digital Signage their messages to consumers across media shipped in a consistent corporate design. It’s about the content, not its media representation. The medium is not the message – the communication objectives are often the same: The image information, whether photo, video or logo suggests, at the POS bridge to traditional advertising, the company’s TV commercials, print campaigns or leaflets advertising creates, so on the shelf recognition effects from the customer – and can thus generate more impulse purchases.

Print or screen? PRESTIGEenterprise For users of 3.0, the market leading software for poster printing and digital signage, making the choice of medium is no difference. The software supports both print advertising and the control of digital displays. All the more, users can concentrate on the real strengths of each medium.

PoS print advertising: easy – fast – cost
speaks for PoS print advertising still, it works easily, quickly, inexpensively, it requires no electricity, no wiring, no great technical knowledge.  “This week on sale!  500 grams 1.99 €. “In short, crisp, to the point: Is it only for the price, is the naked figure in the foreground. Emotional or retention of the customer? Not important where the price element is the decisive impulse to buy. And print can be put into the bag. Whether recipe printouts, wine expert or coupons – including print, it is incredibly easy to offer the customer at the POS value to take away.

More emotions – Print or Digital Signage?
This is sufficient to position brands and charge with emotions? Certainly not. This requires more color, more movement into the game – big screen as a static or dynamic digital signage display. High impact factor, high flexibility in the required formats, anytime, anywhere easy and inexpensive use – these strengths can post print in large format by itself, in the decoration as a vehicle for the brand management as well as in brand management, but also in more complex layout Special forms of advertising to sales promotion stages and secondary offerings. Accents and opportunities vary from sector to sector.

More action, more information – 1:0 for digital signage!

Or would you prefer digital signage as an alternative to the giant poster? For Digital Signage speak dynamic content such as promotional trailers and video clips – and in the high-end variant of the high level of interactivity that is possible in combination with touch-screens. How customers can click on some products on the screen to display the link to the Internet Catalog of the company detailed information to the article. Even the sex-and age-specific recording of content on screen is possible through the coupling to appropriate camera and software systems. Offers so essential to precisely address potential buyers.

Bring lucrative additional sales incentive to buy exactly set:!
Especially attractive in the food: Digital Signage at the deli, where customers primarily on the screens of the balance of meat, sausage and cheese counters. For when it comes to price, most consumers look out very carefully. Digital Signage on the cradle so that ads a lot of attention for sure. These can be sent via appropriate database connections use to animate to make extra purchases item by item – with the advertising insertion for the best sauces for steak or just purchased a top recommendation for the wine just purchased cheese.

“Communication goals, brands and industries can not be lumped together when I search for answers, where I better print and where I sit better on digital signage at point of sale,” said Jürgen Berens of diamond field, CEO of Online Software AG “If you go to the details, you almost always end up with one, both and ‘- here, print, digital signage there. Therein lies one of the great strengths of PRESTIGEenterprise 3.0. The software leaves the user with all the margins, so that it can render its decision free from compromise by design or technical restrictions. Advertising and marketing goal to give the direction. And PRESTIGEenterprise 3.0 it is at. ”

Additional information on the Online Software AG
Online Software AG is a modern, innovative software company focused on developing solutions for the international wholesale and retail trade. Online is the leader in professional store advertising with the poster and label PRESTIGE program with more than 30,000 installations in 35 countries in 20 languages. Online supports the trade in cross-media marketing of products on the market leading software PRESTIGE, the traditional media such as posters and shelf labels as well as using new technologies. Having already deployed for some traders complementary marketing concepts on flat screens, kiosks, scales or touch screen system used.

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