May 30, 2023

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GDS launches 4000 cd/m2 High Bright LCD Displays for full outdoor applications

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GDS has just unveiled at ISE in Amsterdam its new high bright family of products.

The excitement and expectations around these brand new products are very high as they can finally give to outdoor communication the WOW factor Digital Out-Of-Home market has been always looking for. The new high bright products are ideal for Digital Signage and Public Information Display applications.

“The technology behind these stunning images and this unmatched level of picture detail in full sunlight outdoor environments is all but obvious”, says Andrea Ongaro, Chief Technology Officer of GDS.

“Researches, testings and investments around this project has been massive but now GDS can offer to the market very high performances in outdoor environments as well as high reliability and improved ROI. With nearly 15 years of experience, this product range confirms GDS being at the forefront of outdoor display technology.”

The new GDS Ultra High Bright technology, incorporated in the new UHB products, is the result of a perfect integration between LED backlight, Cooling system and G-BOND Optical Enhancements.

The LED backlight, designed by GDS, makes the display reach 4000 cd/sqm by using high efficiency White power LEDs. The use of LED backlight allows also a power saving of nearly 40% if compared with displays with CCFL backlight.

By using a traditional LEDs dimming, instead of local LEDs dimming, GDS reduces the risk to have burning effects on the screen and improves the life of the system. The contrast will be as good as the one of the systems with local dimming as the monitor will used in high ambient light environment and not in dark room.

LEDs are also a green alternative to CCFL lamps as they are mercury free.

The new UHB Line has a twin-cooling system TM that keeps at the optimal

temperature the panel as well as LED backlight and electronics. This improves the MTBF of the whole display and the efficiency of all internal components. The Twin cooling system doesn’t use air conditioning reducing power consumption and optimizing number of components. The Twin cooling system prevents the display from reaching the clearing point or from generating moisture in front of the panel and makes the entire system working even in direct sunlight conditions.

All these masterpieces of technology receive great benefits from GDS G-Bond, that improves contrast of images in very bright environments and strengthens the TFT panel by bonding an antivandal glass of 6-8 mm thickness. At the same time G-Bond protects the panel from mechanical and thermal stresses coming from cooling air streams that reach the speed of 6 m/s to cool a square meter panel.

“GDS proprietary technologies – continues Andrea Ongaro – allow GDS to use different panels to accommodate customer requests. This flexibility gives to the customer a wide range of options of features.”

The new range, initially available in sizes of 65″ and 46″, will be shown again at Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas / 23-25 February (booth n. 2425).

Source: GDS