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Pioneer’s New pro video player takes high def video to new levels

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Pioneer pro video player HD-V9000

Our newest professional video player, the HD-V9000, will be available across Europe from February.

The HD-V9000 plays video at up to 60Mbps to display eye-catching shows bursting with detail, colour and vibrancy. Performance twins with practicality: the player provides exceptional reliability, can be updated and managed remotely to reduce maintenance costs, and includes the connectivity and flexible installation options required by most professional users.

The HD-V9000 is aimed at digital signage applications, retail centres, visitor attractions, education venues, broadcast studios: anywhere where high-quality video and information systems are needed.

The player is designed to meet the growing demand from public display customers for HD video, delivering first and foremost pristine video due to the 60Mbps playback speed.

But video quality must come hand in glove with other key attributes for professional customers including reliability, simple operation and maintenance Reliability is advanced by the HD-V9000 through the system’s configuration. Video playback is based on content downloaded to removable SD/SDHC cards. With no hard drive, fan or optical pick-up, the player has none of the typical points of failure of similarly specced systems, so reducing maintenance and downtime to enhance return on investment.

The way content is controlled and managed is a key consideration for all professional video users and the HD-V9000 promises to reduce this overhead. The player offers more than four methods of control, including:

* stand-alone,
* IP addressable,
* RS-232C (with a rich array of command protocols),
* EXT Terminal Control (JAMA) and
* Our newly developed HD-Pilot software program, which enables the HD-V9000 to be controlled from a PC via RS-232C or via the network, removing the need, and expense, for personnel to physically attend machines.

Each approach enables operators to remotely set up the player, manage on/off times, refresh content, revise playlists, change system settings and monitor its status and performance.

The convenience theme of remote management is maintained by the player’s graphical user interface. This ensures that the HD-V9000 is very easy to set up while key functions can be easily operated by non-specialist users.

As expected, the HD-V9000 is well connected offering key connections for high-quality HD video. Moreover, the inclusion of Ext Sync function enables the HD-V9000’s video output to be synchronized with other video signals, allowing the system to be configured into a video wall.

Supplied with a rack mounting kit, the HD-V9000 supports flexible installation, operating in horizontal or vertical positions.

Source: Pioneer

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