Monday, February 26, 2024

IEI Introduces Full Range of Turnkey Digital Signage Solutions

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IEI Technology Turnkey Solution

Digital signage is now a core target of IEI Technology Corp., a leading industrial PC provider, with continued investment into the technological growth and advancement of its line of digital signage products. At the head of this drive is the iSignager, a fully self-contained digital signage player with host of integrated applications. At the heart of all the digital signage products is the very latest in computing technology, including RISC-based systems for maximum cost-savings and x86-based systems for maximum flexibility and compatibility with traditional software.

A standard digital signage setup includes a player, content creation software and an administrative console. These three essential pieces work in harmony to create a system that is easy to install and manage remotely after installation.

Two software design programs are offered. The AdExpress is simple design software with fixed placing of various audio and visual elements on the screen. The contents of the onscreen areas can be changed, and the display text in the onscreen banner zone is easily editable. For much more flexible design needs the AdDesign allows full customization of the placement and content of the onscreen elements. Using simple drag-and-drop new elements can be placed anywhere in the display area.

The AdMinistrator is the server-side control software for the digital signage player. This software allows any player connected to the network to be updated and controlled remotely. Remote control means massive cost savings as personnel don’t need to manually update many machines and updates are almost instantaneous.

Finally, the digital signage player is designed to run 24 hours a day with low power consumption and reliable, low-heat design. The Intel® Atom™ processor gives the punch needed for the multimedia capabilities, without requiring any active cooling. The system itself can connect to almost any type of display, with support for HDMI, S-Video, VGA and component video outputs.

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IEI Technology_logoAbout IEI Technology Corp.

IEI Technology Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. IEI’s products are applied in computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, networking appliances, security, systems, POS systems and in fields like national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base stations and medical instruments. IEI continues to promote its own-brand products as well as serving ODM vertical markets to offer complete and professional service.

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