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Dynamic Visual Systems Enters Digital Signage Market

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Dynamic Visual Systems_logoDigistor’s new specialist business unit Dynamic Visual Systems formed to address the increasing demand for digital signage and kiosk information systems in Australia

Digistor Pty Ltd, a specialist supplier to the broadcast, post-production and digital media marketplaces, has launched a new business unit – Dynamic Visual Systems Pty Ltd – specifically to address the digital signage market in Australia.

“We have seen a shift away from advertising in traditional mediums and towards digital signage as the next generation in media distribution,” stated Digistor Managing Director, Andrew Mooney. “There are huge opportunities opening in this market for a dedicated, specialist digital signage supplier to provide turn-key solutions. Dynamic Visual Systems has been formed to address these opportunities.”

For some time, Digistor has been providing digital signage products through its distribution business unit, Adimex. Adimex distributes products from SmartAVI and others. Supplying these digital signage products highlighted the demand for complete solutions. Dynamic Visual Systems, incorporates the required skills to proficiently service this demand.

Dynamic Visual Systems has been established with key personnel in place who understand the many pitfalls in rolling out successful digital signage projects – from the selection of hardware/software platforms, the positioning of screens for maximum impact, the creation of eye-catching, effective content and exploring the possible advertising revenue opportunities.

“It’s not as simple as putting up a few screens and revolving a couple of slides on them in the hope of getting you message across,” stated Mr. Mooney. “Dynamic Visual Systems brings together all available technologies into a total, customised solution to match customer objectives.”

Dynamic Visual Systems can offer an end-to-end solution from creation of the content to complete, simple control over an organisation’s Digital Signage Systems – from a single media player installation through to entire geographically-dispersed media player networks. The company’s solutions can also utilise touch screen technology in kiosk based solutions, enabling a fully interactive office or shop window, optionally providing a fully searchable information portal and data collection point.

About Digistor

Established in 1990, Digistor is Australia’s leading supplier of professionally supported solutions for the creation, management, storage and delivery of digital media. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the company has a proud history of providing elegant solutions to their customers’ production needs irrespective of complexity. Further company information is available from

Source: Dynamic Visual Systems

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