Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Aerva Digital Signage and Mobile Interactivity Technology Chosen by Yahoo for Los Angeles Event

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Yahoo held a Yahoo! event featuring Aerva’s technologies to help launch their re-branding campaign to top-tier customers in the Los Angeles area. Guests enjoyed the evening with hi-def LCD screens and a large outdoor projection that showcased Yahoo’s latest video promotions, Flickr widgets displaying images from the event photographer, and SMS text-to-screen contests; all running off of Aerva’s AerChannel platform.

Aerva’s offering was the perfect technology to showcase real-time mobile and social networking interactivity, interspersed with our custom Flash and other assets,” according to Pia Welch, Yahoo’s Event Marketing Mgr of the event. Lynn Arno, Director, Events at Yahoo! noted that, “The Yahoo LA advertising event was a huge success and the audience loved the dynamic content aspects – text-to-screen and the immediacy of seeing the party pictures!”

Arno continued, “The use of Aerva technology was perfect for this kind of event and we couldn’t have been more pleased!”

The objective of the event was to entertain, educate and integrate interaction with attendees. The applications, widgets and digital assets accentuated the Yahoo! Brand and successfully affirmed the impact of advertising across multiple platforms. The audience participation was very high with applications such as text-to-screen, picture-to-screen and other applications designed to drive the central theme of the large Yahoo mobile and web audience reach. Aerva’s technology helped Yahoo demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising across platforms (web & mobile) with insights that help target and boost client’s advertising ROI.

Aerva content and application designers worked with Yahoo project managers, content team and events management staff to make the Yahoo LA Advertising event a success.


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