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Lighthouse LED screens provide new focal point for London’s Westfield shopping centre

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Lighthouse_logoLighthouse LED screens provide new focal point for London’s Westfield shopping centre

In a few months since its opening, the Westfield London retail complex has already proved a great success. Drawing on that success is large format exterior advertising specialist Ocean Outdoor, which has commissioned three large Lighthouse LED screens for Westfield, at a site close to the complex.

Facing the major Holland Park roundabout, where the busy A402 and A3220 intersect, the three large 12 by 4 panels (12.24m (w) x 3.04m (h) each) R16i/o 16mm outdoor screens, housed in a gigantic, standalone rectangular structure, create an extremely eye-catching display to a captive audience of thousands of drivers per day as they negotiate the roundabout.A wide range of exterior signage types compete for attention throughout London, so this most prestigious installation demanded the ultimate in what is currently available. Lighthouse R16 is the ideal solution, as it combines the ideal image resolution for the site with 5000 nits brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio, superior colour reproduction and Lighthouse’s legendary reliability.

Ocean specified the R16 i/o panels after working closely with Simon Taylor, general manager of Lighthouse’s UK and northern Europe office.

“Holland Park roundabout is a prime advertising site and the management of Westfield certainly wants to take advantage of the many thousands of road users who pass the roundabout every day,” says Simon.

“Working with Ocean, we have been able to provide an ideal solution for the site and satisfies both Ocean’s and Westfield’s extremely high standards.”

Content on the screen includes Westfield’s opening hours, advertising for retail outlets within the centre and commercials for other attractions in London.

The screens are controlled by Lighthouse LIP-KX processors and content is fed from AMX signage players via a 3G system based on a wireless network. The content is managed remotely from Ocean’s nearby premises in London’s Lancaster Road.

“This is a very high profile installation and we are very happy to have been able to work with Ocean to provide an LED screen solution which provides a new and exciting visual focus to the Holland Park roundabout and Westfield’s shoppers,” says Simon.

“The combination of Lighthouse’s image quality and carefully-targeted content will, I’m sure, be a win-win situation for both advertisers and consumers.”

Source: Lighthouse

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