May 28, 2023

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Digital signage playing a bigger role for educational institutions

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Omnivex software running networks of screens at increasing number of universities and colleges

As digital signage continues to become the information source of choice for educational institutions, more colleges and universities are asking how they can take advantage of this dynamic technology. To answer that question, representatives of Omnivex Corporation will be exhibiting real-life examples of digital signage content and demonstrating its award-winning software at the Campus Technology Conference in booth #632, July 28 & 29, 2009 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Omnivex is a leader in software development for digital signage networks and electronic displays in all types of organizations.

Omnivex’s software is used by numerous educational institutions, including Harvard School of Public Health, Texas A&M University and the University of Michigan, to display information in buildings and public areas around campus. It can be used to communicate news headlines, upcoming events, class schedules, menuboard information, sporting events and scores, dynamic wayfinding, and student and faculty achievements. Screen information also reinforces school messaging, instills a sense of community and can be customized for special audiences, such as potential students on tour. Many customers also use the software as a means of displaying campus-wide emergency messaging in the event of a catastrophe or security hazard. The company’s deployment at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) was a bronze award winner in the Government / Education / Corporation network category, in POPAI’s 2008 Digital Signage Contest.

“We are seeing an increase in digital signage deployments at educational institutions because it is a visual communications medium suited to the young audience on campuses,” said Omnivex president, Jeff Collard. “Real-time content is more memorable and impactful than static or pre-recorded messages, particularly for students who have grown-up in the world of Internet, smart phones and video games.”

More recently, school sports stadium scoreboards have become a new application for digital signage software, as teams add graphics, video, and data on-the-fly to the scoreboards. Lower implementation costs and better ease of use have made digital signage an attractive option as older technology scoreboards are being replaced. Fans have become accustomed to richer detail on scoreboards and the addition of full motion graphics, so digital signage is an excellent platform for achieving these results.

About Omnivex Corporation

Founded in 1991 in Toronto, Ontario, Omnivex Corporation is the leader in software development for digital signage networks and electronic displays. Many Fortune 500 companies and public institutions rely on Omnivex to deliver their messages to their audiences. Omnivex software is used to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, including content management, real-time data acquisition and distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. For more information, please visit