September 28, 2022

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The Power of Digital Signage

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Power of Interactive Digital SignageThe future of successful retailing depends on increasing sales of high-margin products.  With Internet sales soaring and the retail marketplace more competitive than ever, we need to discover new methods of driving accessories sales, which lead to greater profits.

Too often, accessories are overlooked on the sales floor. Customers don’t realize the benefits that accessories provide and do not proactively seek them. On top of that, our sales teams seem less engaged than ever, preferring to text their friends all day rather than make the effort to focus on accessories sales.

There is help in the form of digital signage. Here are some facts:
* Digital Signage increases sales by an average of 5-30 percent.
* Digital Signage increases the time that customers spend in a store.
* Digital Signage decreases customers perceived waiting time by 33 percent.
* Digital Signage can deliver bulls-eye marketing.
* Digital Signage is fresh and exciting. It grabs the consumer’s attention, keeping them busy until a sales associate arrives on the scene.

Digital Signage can increase accessory sales in a number of ways. Even the most conservative data supplied by retailers and research firms show a five to 30 percent sales increase through the use of digital signage.

There are many cases where the increase was much higher. Take your accessory sales and bump up your numbers by 5-30 percent. Digital signage is no longer just an eye-catching display; rather it can be counted on to increase sales.  From Walmart and Home Depot to specialty retailers worldwide, digital signage is being used today with great results. That’s especially true when it’s used as a targeted marketing tool.

The first thing that digital signage accomplishes is that it attracts customers to the displays.  It very simply and consistently informs the customer about the benefits the accessories bring to the host device.

The signage solution also becomes more effective when tied to promotions.  Furthermore, the marketing messages can be delivered based on the motion of the customer in front of the display or when a customer engages with a product on display.  Digital signage can even determine the age and gender of the person in front of the display, and instantly deliver the marketing message that impacts that specific customer.  This type of bulls-eye marketing is potentially the best marketing tool available to retail in decades.

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