Monday, December 11, 2023

Carnival Cruises Use Digital Aquariums to bring their brand ashore

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There are almost endless possibiltes for the uses of a digital interactive display. As technology increases as the actual cost of the hardware decreases somewhat they are popping up everywhere.

Cruise ship line Carnival is using digital interactive displays to bring their brand to land lubbers all over America. In six different American cities, including New York, Baltimore and Dallas they are making use of vacant shop windows to display a “virtual” aquarium that passing cell phone users can interact with in a rather interesting way.

The dynamic displays were created using a combination of video gaming technology, flash animation and they feature a number of very stylized representations of fish and marine life.

As a pedestrian walks by the “aquarium” it “reacts” as the plants sway harder, the fish dart around and even bubbles appear in the digital “water”. This alone would be impressive, but where is the interaction one might ask?

Signage invites cell phone users to call a number so that they can create their own fish to live in the digital undersea world.

Once the fish is created, it appears in the digital tank and by making certain sounds as instructed into their phone the user can customize the appearance of their fish to make him uniquely their own. Once the creature is completed the cell phone touch pad can be used to swim him around the “tank”.

The digital interactive display allows users to leave and come back later; their digital fish friend is saved until the next time it is activated by a cellophane call from the same phone.

After a person is done playing with their new friend and moves on they are sent a text message inviting them to visit Carnival’s website for even more fun and games. (and information about exciting cruise vacations of course).

Using LCD enclosures with DiD’s sure is a winner.

Source: LCD enclosures

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